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October 266 – News and Rumors


Under constant pressure from the Mordok to the north, Clan Ironmound finally makes their big announcement: In the coming months, a Grand Moot will be called and held. Though the date and location are yet to be determined, clanleaders from every Ulven clan is expected to make an appearance. Notable dignitaries of colonist settlements will also be asked to attend, though their presence will be downplayed in relation to their Ulven counterparts. The stated goal is to determine the course of action of all of Mardrun, to set forth a path that will lead to the destruction of the Mordok and the salvation of the Ulven race and that of their colonist guests.

Warleader Brynjar Riverhead continues his fight against a resilient fever that has rendered him unable to fight or lead his warriors on the battlefield against the Mordok, forcing them to continue their march further and further away from their homeland. With Clanleader Hakon Riverhead slain in the fighting, leadership of the clan has fallen to High Priestess Lyrri Riverhead until a successor can be chosen. The High Priestess’s judgement has been called into question by a number of vocal chieftains, however, accusing her of anything from cowardice to collusion with the Mordok to see herself installed as the acting Clanleader. While she maintains that these claims are baseless, her judgement seems to have been clouded as of recently, with her choices straying further and further from reality and into a nightmare of paranoia. Many of those most vocal against the High Priestess have put forth her former apprentice, Camilla Birchborne, as a replacement.

The situation near the Spire has deescalated greatly following the stand-off that nearly came to a head at the end of the month. With this distraction removed, the allied forces and the colonist settlements have been able to refocus their resources on the still growing corruption that plagues not only the people of Mardrun, but the land herself. Though a cure has been developed and initial tests have been promising, a proper demonstration in the field has yet to be performed. In a bittersweet realization, such an opportunity may come sooner rather than later, as reports of several new corruption sites springing up across the continent have taxed the sleep of many residents of Mardrun. Mainly far to the north, most of these sites reported thus far have come from Shattered Spear territory, though word of similar happenings in Whiteoak lands and as far south as Clan Goldenfield has been noted.

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