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October 265 – News and Rumors

Unease across Newhope continues to spread as the crowd outside the gates grows by the day: refugees seeking a cure for the corruption have begun to stymie travel in and out of the city, a fact which greatly displeases the healthy merchants within its walls. Though research has continued in recent months, a truly safe cure has yet to be found, still threatening a life-altering injury. Whispers begin to circulate that there is no safer way to be discovered, though Celestial Arragones and her scholars insist that there is another breakthrough out there. One claim they cannot deny, however, is that the supply of Saint’s Grace and Sun’s Kiss, each critical in the cleansing ritual, is far too small to help the crowd outside. Many fear that decisions will soon need to be made, fearing the loss of life or limb to the corruption. The city guard seems to have its hands full hoping to quell protests before they gain too much traction, though Marquess Madeline d’Argent has been hesitant to involve the Newhope military for fear of rapid and violent escalation of the situation. With the harvest season soon coming to an end and many returning from their fields for the winter, though, it remains to be seen how much the crowd will swell, and how dire the need for extra hands will become in Newhope.

As the weeks pass, calls for aid from Clan Whiteoak continue to increase in frequency and desperation. By their accounts, they may soon be facing a truly dire situation at the hands of not only the Mordok, but by Clan Axhound as well. The smaller clan has taken advantage of the distraction from the Mordok to resume raiding border settlements once again, drawing the ire of many larger clans across Mardrun, though no direct action at this point. The promise of compensation for warriors and supplies has been repeated yet again, hoping to appeal to the greed of Mardrun, as their appeal to compassion has yielded few results.

What began as a simple protest by a disgruntled Ulven has grown and twisted itself into the beginnings of a rebellion. Holmar Bloodmoon’s issues with Branthur Nightriver have fallen on many ears, and more and more have granted those words a great deal of weight. It would appear that Holmar has already met with a handful of chieftains from Clan Goldenfield and sown the seeds of discontent among the longstanding ally of Clan Nightriver. Though the Clan has not officially thrown their lot in with either side of the discussion, the rising tensions between the two groups could very well encourage those invested in the outcome to join in the discussion.

While defending their homes from the Mordok in the area, a number of Shattered Spear hunters have returned with worrying reports that confirm the dire news brought forth a number of months ago: The Dirge Swamp is expanding. Though still hardly noticeable, maps of the area indeed show that what was once unclaimed land or farming plots has descended into rot and ruin, and a family has reported lost their home as a result. Shattered Spear and Grimward Daughters of Gaia have announced that they will be cooperating to combat this infection from spreading further, though they invite any who may have knowledge or a desire to assist to come forward and join them.

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