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October 263 – News & Rumors

Winter draws near as the temperature falls across Mardrun, and many people are moving to act one last time before the chill sets in.
Reports continue to filter in to every significant settlement of soldiers wearing the green and blue of New Aldoria laying siege to the port village of New Oarsmeet. Many are fleeing for their lives, while others are pleading for help to defend their homes. They cannot hold much longer against a trained force such as they one they face, however, and require assistance soon or they will be lost.
Perhaps distracted by larger events to which the public is kept in the dark, the Council of Ten has remained surprisingly silent on the matter of these attacks. In fact, they have seemed rather inactive on many fronts as of late, although the logistics of housing and supporting the massive number of Stormjarl refugees has proven to be a monumental task in and of itself.
To make matters worse, the number of refugees from Starkhaven has only increased over the past month, the lack of aid sent to their homes discouraging many from staying. A major bastion of the human colonists, Starkhaven continues to support the many citizens therein, but those who have chosen to leave in search of a more steady existence have been an additional and rather unexpected drain on resources.
Clan Axhound, along with a number of warriors from Pack Longfang, have begun their raids on their ancient rival, Clan Whiteoak. With the Whiteoak warriors still fighting in Grimward territory, Axhound has been asking for support in raids of Whiteoak villages, leaving their warriors without a home to which they might return. Axhound has been glad to work alongside the Longfang warriors, though they are not convinced of the coalition and it’s intentions enough to fully declare war on Clan Grimward.
Reports have filtered in from Clan Stormjarl that they intend to retake as much of their homeland as they can before the winter sets in, and they are willing to compensate any who assist them. They urge caution, however, as traveling to them by land would require a trek through Grimward territory. They have also noticed a small fleet of longboats bearing the markings of Clan Squallborn dotting the horizon. They have not declared their intentions as of yet, although their presence has made many of the Stormjarl sailors uneasy.
Clan Watchwolf, granted a second wind in the form of a shipment of Pineed Sap harvested by Pack Longfang, has set about rebuilding their settlements, although the process is painfully slow and will certainly not be finished by the time of the first snowfall. They have once again pleaded with their allies among the coalition for any and all assistance, hoping to deter any further attacks from Clan Grimward, whose movements the Watchwolf scouts have noticed and reported in recent months, drawing dangerously near to the border before disappearing with great haste.

Painted on the walls of New Oarsmeet…

To all free people of New Oarsmeet, should Aldoria not cease their siege of our home, I have received word that we would be well received inside of Arragones’ district of New Hope. Find me there and I will do what i can to help set you up with work. Should we have to leave our home I implore you to leave naught of use to Aldoria, this includes food, buildings, and perhaps most importantly, the port.
It is better to see our city to ash then beneath the heels of New Aldoria.-Hollow

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