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October 25, 2014 – Onsallas Outpost Event

The mordok in the vicinity of the Onsallas Outpost have been quieter lately. There are always a few hunters roaming around, but any larger tribe movements have not been around for quite some time. Many see this as a bad omen, especially after the appearance of the Red Eyed syndar earlier in the year and the corruption that spread to a number of people in the area. The site where the Red Eyed syndar performed a powerful ritual still seeps corruption from the ground, threatening to expand and has been exhausting some of the Pack Longfang Daughters of Gaia as they attempt to contain or slow it down.

The Outpost is alive with hunters and warriors coming and going, and the upcoming raid on Clan Whiteoak territory has dominated the campfire conversations. Clan Axhound has launched their attack and the Coalition on Mardrun is expected to assist them to gain their allegiance. Some are hesitant to commit to a full attack and others are excited, feeling that this is finally a way to make a difference in the current conflict. Other rumors trickle in from merchants and travelers, showing that the civil war continues on throughout Mardrun. Travelers continue to come and go despite the Dirge Swamp being a dangerous place. The allure of profit is hard to ignore by merchants and those who can take advantage of the large pineed sap harvests of Pack Longfang and the exotic herbs and reagents the swamp has to offer.

The Ulven artifact that was unburied earlier this year continues to be a mystery; its exact nature, function, and how to activate it have not yet been discovered. While some work feverishly to understand it and unlock its secrets, some of the more traditional Ulven in the area believe it was buried for a reason and should not be tampered with lightly.

After a merchant arrives with his mercenary guards, it is soon discovered that the caravan he intended to meet never arrived. Mordok had been sited in the woods and upon searching the trails it was soon discovered that the wagon caravan was ambushed. The site was a slaughter; entrails, blood, and maimed limbs were left everywhere near the remaining wagon. Closer examination of the site showed that the ambush was not typical of the mordok’s actions. The killing much more brutal with more torture and dismemberment than usual. A darker intelligence guided them during this raid but no further information was discovered.

The Brotherhood of the Long Winter’s caravan arrived back at the outpost. A mass pilgrimage of people, these hearty colonists and former Richtcrag warriors came to discuss alliances with Pack Longfang and to converse with the other Coalition and faction leaders. The outpost was a stopping point before venturing further west, the Brotherhood intending to colonize the neutral territory north of Clan Shattered Spear.

In the outpost, a ceremony was conducted for Stanrick Longfang to become the first Chieftain or Pack Longfang. All who could be called ally and friend were welcome to witness the ceremony. Soon after the funeral pyre of a Clanleader was seen burning in the distance to the west; a sign that the Clan Shattered Spear Clanleader had died, presumably in battle during a raid against mordok in the Dirge Swamp.

After hunting down and killing several mordok, mordok activity in the area was dangerous enough to pull everyone inside the outpost and guard the perimeter for the night.

Pictures from the event:

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