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October 2022 – The First Keg of the Harvest

The crisp air of Autumn settles over the continent of Mardrun and the collective peoples of the continent all seem to revel in the calmness of the harvest season. People work fields during the day and spend their evenings gossiping, laughing, and singing in their local alehouses and meaderies and in the lands of Clan Goldenfield, the village of Barleyrow taps the first keg of the season.

As has become their tradition, Barleyrow village, a well-oiled collective of colonists and Ulven alike, sends out wide reaching invitations to the people of Mardrun to come and gather in their village to drink their beer and share in their hearth and hospitality. In recent years Barleyrow has come to see itself as a shining beacon of what can be accomplished if people set aside their differences and lean on each other’s strengths and nothing is more emblematic of this camaraderie than their now famous Barleyrow Ale.

Soon people of all walks of life flock to the growing village, bringing with them trade and stories. Before long the roads are well worn leading into Barley Row village, but such is the nature of an attraction set far from any navigable waterways. As people travel into the area they are happy to see the roads well-guarded. It seems the head of the village is well aware of the recent raids that have peppered across the lands and has seen to it that no such interruptions will come for their prized gathering.

This season’s festivities in Barleyrow Village seem more than ready to live up to their newly minted village motto – Mirth, Hearth, and Ale


== Update ==

The day in Barleyrow Village started out rather sober with everyone gathering their merchandise and preparing it for a harvest festival and the tapping of the first keg of the season. After the keg was tapped, many began to loosen up and tell stories, buy supplies and merchandise, and have a jovial time. Songs began to fly from the tongues of bards, old traditions began to sneak their way into the festival, stories from Faedrun came from those who remembered them and wanted to share, and drink flowed almost freely among those in attendance for this harvest festival.

While there was much feasting, drinking and fun being had, that didn’t mean work wasn’t around for those who wished to assist the village or in using their craft to trap in the nearby woods. With the help of locals and visitors to the village, a decent portion of work that was outstanding was handled and allowed the festival to continue that much longer.

During the festivities an announcement about the scheduled execution of Celestial Arragones was delivered to those who were in attendance. The overall feeling of this choice was muttered in two camps, one thinking the punishment of execution fair and just, the other feeling it was far too much or far too little. However, the news did not sour or spoil the spirits of the festival. There were in fact many passing along a wreath and crown of leaves to designate them as the chosen of the festival. At the end of the Festival, the tradition ended with the wreath and crown being burned in the fire as a thank you to Gaia, the Great Wolf, and many other deities for the bountiful harvest.

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