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October 2020 – Ironmound Reconstruction

After a second month of considerable focus and support for the villagers and people of Clan Ironmound, the recovery efforts continue at an impressive rate. Work crews finish their tasks ahead of schedule, with less injuries and fatigue and better management and use of supplies and food. For all intents and purposes, the recovery effort is a resounding success. Clan Ironmound leadership has actually put out a call for an organized break this month, both to celebrate the success of the recovery efforts but also to plan on what to do next. The most pressing and dire issues were tackled head on, with vigor, and by both locals and traveling outsiders. Several feasts and social events are being planned to celebrate and allow travelers a chance to socialize or take some needed downtime.

The bandits in the area were dealt a crippling blow to their operational abilities. An aggressive armed patrol last month was able to track down the main bandit camp and a short but vicious fight took place. With a number of bandits dead and the rest of them driven off, it would be difficult for the bandits to coordinate anything substantial in the new few months. While the main bandit camp was attacked, another group apparently decided it was a opportune moment to hit Clan Ironmound villages on the border and to raid The Pass. Luckily, defenders were left back to continue patrols and a second intense fight took place. These bandits were also driven back or defeated.

Clan Ironmound leadership, at first apprehensive on the subject, have made the decision to allow teams to be gathered and to be taken to help them study the uncovered Lorespeaker cache. The few voices that approached them on this subject over the last few months, and their decision’s to heed their feedback, were wise in doing so. There is now a great opportunity for those seeking knowledge. Based on previous encounters surrounding uncovered Lorespeaker caches, the statement that Clan Ironmound is ready to accept help in opening the cache has very likely made it to the ears of those that would like to see the contents remain buried. The extent of what could be uncovered is unknown but now the door is open for those willing to help.


In the end the researchers and scholars are able to open the cache and uncover a series of writings by an ancient ulven, written in an early version of an Ulven script. All in attendance take possession of copies of the writings and some set out to work out a way of spreading the information far and wide.

Meanwhile a small force of Lorespeaker agents attacked the defenders in the areas surrounding the village, making it very clear that the information contained in the cache was something they’d much rather see returned to the dirt instead of spread amongst the populace. Luckily they did not arrive in adequate numbers to overwhelm the defenders and after a series of hit-and-run attacks they vanished into the forests.

UPDATE: Further efforts by players and resources have seen to the public spread of the documents found in the cache. Branthur Nightriver, Clanleader of Clan Nightriver has seen to the distribution of copies of the lore found in the cache. http://lasthope.kitsufox.com/wiki/lore-cache-contents-november-269/

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