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October 20, 2018 – Mardrun Camp Split Event


Barleyrow Village

After the recent events in Clan Whiteoak territory, all of Mardrun holds its breath to see if the proud warriors of Clan Whiteoak and Clan Axhound are willing to continue with the peace talks presented to them. Although slow at first, the heroic story of brotherhood by both of the recently fallen Chieftains assigned to the outposts has spurred on others to stand down and give this a chance. After all, the mordok are the real and biggest threat facing the peoples of Mardrun. The eastern front of the Shield of Mardrun will need a bit more time to be fully secure, but the collaboration between these two Clans could prove to be the biggest victory so far in the mobilization efforts of this season.

As rumors abound as to the upcoming push into the Dirge Swamp, there is a small village in Pack Goldenfield territory that is far removed from the trials and tribulations of the conflict on the swamp’s border. A small farming community has begun to form around a collective group of colonists and ulven alike. This collaborative, multi-cultural village has been spearheaded by a local ulven Chieftain. Vahness Barleyrow, Cheiftain of Pack Barleyrow, has welcomed all to join her pack and help produce crops and prepare food for the upcoming war effort. A number of colonists that visited to help with the harvest have decided to stay and “put down roots” of their own. Previously known for its quality brewed ale, this village has come to be known simply as “Barleyrow” and is a shining example of what can happen when all the peoples of Mardrun work together.

Adventurers and travelers alike have come to try a pint of Barleyrow ale, share their views of the world, help with honest hard work for the war effort, discuss future plans for themselves and others, or simply reminisce about stories of the past.


Barleyrow Village

Members of the Order of Arnath’s Light struggle to understand the Hellenstone Fragment in the quest to create an anti-corruption idol. (October 2018 Event)

Barleyrow village was abuzz with activity as word had spread of their success and many flocked to see for themselves this growing pack. Many of the locals were overjoyed to find the visitors more than willing to put in a hard days work for some simple pay. Three work crews were organized and set about completing tasks for the village. Those who were not interested in the work crews helped to keep spirits high with good conversation and exciting stories. Unfortunately it would seem that trouble could find its way even into a town so peaceful as Barelyrow. Some rough looking individuals arrived to delivery dire warnings from “concerned parties” to a small number of the groups in attendance but they did not sour the mood for long as they left soon after their messages were delivered.  As the day went on a letter from Branthur Nightriver was read to the gathered crowds bringing a reminder of the impending war in the swamp. As night came and many turned in the thoughts and expressions from most seemed to be that of steeled determination.



Click here to see photos from the event!

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