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October 19-20th, 2013 – Onsallas Outpost Ceremony and Dirge Swamp Expedition

After securing an arrangement with Pack Longfang, the Phoenix Syndar used the Onsallas Outpost as the site for a joining ceremony between two of their members. As merchants and members of the Phoenix traveled to the outpost for the joining, bandits moved into the area in an attempt to rob anyone that was traveling without escort and possibly with money and gifts for the ceremony. As the ceremony was being prepared for, a number of different adventurers and factions worked together and discussed plans for the upcoming winter and the current civil war. The Watchwolves Clan to the south is still under siege by Clan Grimward and the line between Clan Grimward and Clan Nightriver even farther south is still contested. After the ceremony, travelers taking residence in the outpost prepared for a night of festivities and enjoyed themselves. Talk around the campfire did include the mercenaries that had camped out nearby, the ones who had been hired to go into the Dirge Swamp as a third expedition.

The next day, the expedition of mercenaries and several members of the Watchwolves, the Bastards, and Pack Longfang and Pack Bloodfang moved deep into the swamp. They covered a lot of ground quickly and forced back numerous small attacks of mordok. After three days of travel like this and light sleep, exhausting and wounds were beginning to become a problem. As the group moved deeper into the swamp, the wagon carrying all of their supplies broke down and without the supplies to fix it the expedition was forced to continue on foot. Mordok attacks increased as small bands of mordok harassed the expedition. Led by a Richtcrag mercenary, the discipline and use of tactics helped keep the mordok at bay.

Pack Longfang and Bloodfang warriors, escorting a truthseaker from Clan Spiritclaw, used divination magic in an attempt to find out where to go. After narrowing down the search and finding an old camp, it was evident that someone recently took items from it and fled the swamp. During the confusion, the mercenary group turned on the rest of the expedition and killed one another and went after the group of adventurers and tried to kill them. During the chaos, mordok attacked and the entire expedition was broken into small groups that fled for their lives.

With mordok roaming this area in larger groups, several bands of adventurers and expedition members were able to fight their way through and reach the main trail leading south. The entire mercenary group and several adventurers were either killed by the double crossing mercenaries or hunted down and ripped apart by mordok.

No information was found as to why the mercenaries tried to kill the entire expedition and nothing was discovered about what may have been taken from the abandoned camp found deep in the Dirge swamp.

Click here for pictures of the event.

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