Real name: [Redacted]

Know aliases: Hollow, Oberon

Age: unknown, record suggest he is well over 100 years old

Race: syndar

Gender: male

Our earliest records of Oberon place him in Tielorrien around year 185 studying the divine arts. There is very little to note in these years except that it seems he learned high sydarin to study old texts. With the onset of the undead plague, he immediately began researching the undead with intent on finding a way to destroy them en masse. At some point in his research he began to believe that to stop the undead we must first find the way in which they are created and to reverse that process, and to that end he tried to find a way to reanimate the dead. Eventually he began to work with another undead researcher by the name of Aeshura. Records from his trial state that Oberon hid the exact nature of his research from Aeshura at first and when when the truth came out Aeshura objected and threatened to jeopardize all that
Oberon had work toward, so Oberon murdered Aeshura. Oberon was caught trying to dispose of the body of his former research partner, which had clearly been thoroughly studied. Through the duration of his trial, he never admitted that he was in the wrong and was eventually sentenced to reclamation, a sentence which was carried out in 208.

After the conclusion of his trial, he becomes very hard to track, but by his own admission he traveled to the May’kar Dominion and then to Vandragon and eventually he traveled to Aldoria. Some of the citizens of New Oarsmeet said they remember seeing a strange syndar appearing around Oarsmeet in year 237. Oberon, having adopted the moniker “Hollow”, began to shed much of the bright colors and opulence that mark most syndar and instead adopted the fashions of his new home to blend in with the populus. When Oarsmeet came under siege by the undead Oberon was evacuated onto the Blue Ruby with the rest of the civilians that made it off of Faedrun from the port town. Upon reaching Mardrun, he helped to build the town that would become his home, New Oarsmeet, where he would live in relative obscurity for several years.

The rise and fall of the Lich on Mardrun piqued Oberon’s interest and brought him away from New Oarsmeet and into our sights. Word reached our ears in New Hope of a hollowed syndar asking for any information about the lich, we used the information we had on the lich as a bargaining chip in an attempt to figured out his true identity. After a a few weeks of contact, and our own research into Celestial Arragones’ records, we were able draw the conclusion that this was Oberon that we were speaking to. Alestear believed that Oberon could be useful to the Ravens so he had us send him our standard offer to join us along with the additional words, in high sydarin, “We know who you are, Oberon,” as well as had a letter signed with the name Alestear. Predictably, Oberon began to inquire around as to who Alestear is, we used our agents to feed him enough information to make his choice.

Current status: working as an agent of the Ravens under the alias “Oberon”

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