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November 271 – News and Rumors

A crispness holds in the air as people continue their work bringing in the year’s harvests. As the nights come earlier in the day more and more people move inside to spend their evenings within the shared warmth of taverns and mead halls. With proximity comes chatter and with chatter comes the spread of News and Rumors.


A shocking piece of news quickly makes the rounds throughout City-state territories and it’s not long before it erupts beyond the borders and spreads over the continent. All had heard the news that Arragones was set to be hanged in a public execution, some had even begun planning their travels to make sure to be there to see the highest profile execution of an era, but what came next was a shock. Arragones was found dead in her cell. Details are hard to come by as at this point rumors have taken a firm hold, but what can be ascertained is that she was found clutching a glass vial with a soft-green foam leaking from the corner of her mouth. No one is certain how she managed to come to possess such a poison. Some believe that another member of the council must have brought it to her and given her the chance to accept a graceful death in exchange for her keeping her mouth shut about any scandalous information she may have on them. Others believe that one of Arragones’ own supporters must have brought her the poison to spare her the spectacle of a public execution. And some even believe that it was staged all together and that she did not drink the poison by her own volition, but was instead murdered and set up to look like a suicide. With these ideas, and many other traveling stories and theories, no one is entirely sure what happened. Regardless of the details, the truth remains that weeks ahead of her public execution, Celestial Arragones was found dead in her cell from an apparent poisoning.


The recent rumors of wights stalking through the landscape has shaken the core of some of the Ulven people, especially those living in more remote areas. A few Nightriver villages bordering The Great Wolf’s Hackles have resurrected an ancient Ulven practice of leaving offerings for the Nature Wights to insulate themselves from the harsh conditions that often follow in their wake. A young Nightriver villager recently set out on a journey to the top of The Hackles to leave an offering of mead and bread for the wights and was surprised to find that he was not the only one that had made this journey in recent time. He came home and told his friends and family that when he summited the mountain he found that there were already offerings left, and fresh ones at that. He made sure to add his offerings to the pile. The people of his village were surprised to hear that they weren’t the first to send someone up the mountain and given their location they assume that the other offerings must have come from a Grimward or Ironmound village on the other side of the mountain range. It seems that in the more remote areas of Mardrun that some of the Ulven people are embracing the traditions of their old ways and these traditions may be spreading.


ANOTHER massive turnip! Rumors have blanketed across Clan Goldenfield territory and spread from there of another village unearthing a humongous turnip! Some say that this turnip rivals that which was dug up in another village recently. People flocked from nearby towns to peek a gander at this marvelous vegetable, but faster than the news of its harvest spread, so spread the news of its deceit. Though truly a splendid specimen and while it was a well and enormous root, it turns out that the farmer lied. This was not a turnip set to rival all others. This was, in fact, a radish. 

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