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November 269

The land begins to feel the cold fingers winter caress it, and the people hurry to finish stocking their grain stores. 


In the lands of some of the Ulven Clans there are whispers and rumors spreading among the people. The rumor goes that an Ulven is walking around and preaching a new rhetoric surrounding the Ulven afterlife. He spreads stories of death and seeing into the Maw of The Greatwolf. He tells of his initial fear and shock, but then an acceptance. Details seem to get fuzzy from there, but the end of his message seems to be that fear of being swallowed has been used as a way to control the Ulven people for many many generations. He seems to preach personal freedoms and acceptance of the gift of the Great Wolf when we die, regardless of which path it may be. Though many people call him crazy and a heretic, there are a small number who seem to be speaking well of this strange new speaker.


In the City State of Newhope the mass murderer strikes again, this time leaving a small family outside of Silver’s Crossing dead and disfigured. Authorities are working hard day and night to try and locate any clues to who this malicious individual is. Alas, the only clue found were the words painted on the inside of the door, “Such easy prey, their screams were so filled with life.” Many rural citizens of the Citystate are beginning to question just how much effort is being put  into catching this monster. However, the local nobility of the areas of where the attacks have occurred have oddly remained silent, only strengthening those concerns that are now on the lips of commoners. 


Members of Clan Shattered Spear whisper tales around hunting camps of a massive stag that roams the woodlands. It is said to stand as high as a fully grown man at the shoulder, its antlers heavy and bowed with as many as thirty points upon the both of them. One hunter tells a tale that the creature shook the very land beneath his feet as it ran, leaving small craters in the ground where it landed. Oddly enough though, nobody was able to slay this massive stag in order to prove the tale.


Clan Stormjarl is taking up an ancient tradition of hunting whales off the coast in these cold months. Many fisherfolk gathered up harpoons, rope, and warm clothes as they traveled into the deeper parts of the sea. While they were away scoring the grey watery wastes, those back on the shores waited anxiously for them to return. When they did return a week later, they were towing three massive behemoths between the ships. Even the newly joined packs from the Stormborn settlement joined in with this tradition, and with the help of the local packs, were able to haul in three medium sized whales and multiple large deep sea fish as well for the upcoming winter. Needless to say, many fisherfolk earned their salt and showed their skill to the clan those days, and even some of the newer packs felt a bit more welcomed than before.


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