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November 268

As winter begins to set upon the land of Mardrun, people hurry to prepare for what lays ahead. The early snows of the year have put a stress on the harvest times, but with hard work and dedication people are able to bring their harvests in successfully..

The Shield of Mardrun seems to be facing some trouble along the Clan Whiteoak border as Mordok continuously throw themselves at the warriors along the line of outposts. The forces mostly seemed to be welps at first, but now are reinforced with more veteran Mordok leading strike forces in both day and night time settings. Clan Whiteoak is doing well keeping these forces back, however are beginning to feel the fatigue starting to set in as they hold back the seemingly endless horde emerging from the abyss.

To the south along The Pass in the Great Wolf Hackles, merchants are having to buy protection and pay tolls to local Bandit Lords in order to avoid being robbed along trade routes. Many merchant guilds are growing increasingly frustrated and are requesting action from nearby governing bodies such as Daven’s Hold, the March of Starkhaven, and the City State of Newhope. However, it seems their words are falling on deaf ears.

Within the walls of Davien’s Hold, many citizens are showing great excitement as they are beginning to see the fruits of Governess Katherine’s ambition within the city. With winter on the horizon and the harsh snows that tend to settle in the lands around them, the time between now and spring was usually harsh and difficult. However, with the effort made by the Council of Three over the past year, the colony has plenty of food stores, wood, and supplies to help its people survive comfortably. Now, with the beginnings of the construction of a market district for the city, many are holding high hopes for the next spring and the prosperity it will bring them.

In Newhope, the sounds of battle can be heard in the corner of the city. This is the result of the freshly built fighting pits that people are flocking to bet and watch as warriors and criminals fight to near death with other warriors, criminals, or wild animals. Many view this as somewhat barbaric, but cannot deny the stress relief and coin that is flowing into and from the pits. It seems that they will only continue to grow in splendor as construction continues to go on in the background as blood is spilled for the joy and entertainment of the populace.

The Ulven all take a collective sigh of relief for the first time in what seems to be years as tensions begin to die down between clans. Allowing them to shift their focus to surviving the upcoming winter, being with family, and looking forward to the next spring and what the gods have in store

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