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November 267

The continent of Mardrun is abuzz with activity, between the war, the colonies, and what happens in the shadows.


The war with the Mordok tends to take a sour turn this month. The Mordok forces seem to be showing an unforeseen cunning in their fighting tactics. With a few maneuvers they are able to push back the Ulven forces to a more defensible position. During that fallback the Ulven suffered a decent amount of losses in supplies, momentum, position, and in troops. However, with their feet now planted, they are hoping to push back and regain control of the war.


However, that isn’t the only fighting happening with the Ulven.  It seems a small group of Clan Stormjarl decided to launch a raid against Clan Grimward. Many of the other clans have shown great distress and condemning the actions of Clan Stormjarl for continuing the war. However, there a few who are sympathetic in understanding that they are “Fighting for their Honor.” The response from Clan Grimward is that of utter lividity of the whole act. The consequences for these acts have yet to be seen, but many are fearful of Clan Grimward going on the warpath once more.


While chaos continues to grow, reports of bandits in The Pass in the Great Wolf Hackles continue to grow. While it isn’t uncommon to hear of bandits going after merchants this time of year, it is uncommon for them to be as active as they are. Many are reporting of the bandits going as far as  killing without questions, some even speak of fear and worry in their eyes. As to the cause of these feelings, no one can guess, but there is something stirring up the bandits and it is starting to show. If this activity will continue to grow or eventually subside like it usually does, it is any persons guess.

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