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November 266 – News and Rumors

With Clan Ironmound’s Grand Moot drawing ever closer, the thoughts and loyalties of each clan begins to come forth. Some, such as Axhound and Grimward, have urged others to push for a direct assault on the swamp, arguing that it is the only way to strike back at the Mordok and force them off balance. Others, such as Spiritclaw and Stormjarl assert that doing so would be at best a waste of resources, and at worst suicidal. They have instead argued for a more defensive route, clearing out the traditionally Ulven lands of the Mordok and constructing defenses to keep them from venturing south so they can build an army to one day take the fight to the swamp. Massive changes are coming one way or another; one can only hope that the equally massive personalities debating their merits will come to a resolution quickly and peacefully.

Credible sources across the land have been speaking of a cure for the corruption, confirmed in the field both on a corrupted person, and on the land itself. Many of these sources point to human settlements as the origin of such a cure, though some have named Clan Spiritclaw or other, smaller packs in the discovery. To many of the corrupted, the credit does not matter; all they hope to find out is where to go to be cured.

Following the siege of Daven’s Reach several months ago, Duchess Katherine has made a public effort to reinvigorate the settlement through the new Baron Percival von Borscht. Though momentum was slow to build, as were many of the damaged buildings, Daven’s Reach has begun to hum with commerce once again. The continual improvement and patrolling of the Grand Highway has led to a substantial increase in foot traffic there, though new taxes from Newhope have kept spirits from rising too high. Most of the settlement is content to live in peace with little threat of banditry from their leadership, although some pine for the days before the Siege, where life was dangerous but the profits were high. Time will tell if these attitudes can be tempered, though at least one noble certainly hopes they can.

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