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November 263 – News & Rumors

A large supply of pineed sap was delivered to the Watchwolves in a combined effort from the Mardrun Trading Consortium and Pack Longfang. A number of the Daughters of Gaia and the veteran soldiers are grateful to have such a large stockpile to help with the sick and wounded. Although morale increases in the western settlement, fear still grips the Watchwolf villagers as their need for supplies to help them through the winter and troops to guard their borders is still obvious. That and combined with continued reports of Grimward hunters being seen just outside the settlements and farms has the Watchwolves on edge. Rumors continue to spread about the Watchwolves pulling out of the war or leaving their lands, both having no base for truth at the moment.
Stormjarl continues to send letters and offer a handsome reward of coin, supplies, or other things needed in exchange for warriors to join their cause. News of this spreads like wildfire in the colony, as professional mercenaries talk over games of dice in taverns and pack their bags and head for the Stormjarl port. The lightly defended villages near the Stormjarl front line are attacked in full force by Stormjarl warriors and some of their allies, forcing Grimward to stubbornly defend or quickly abandon these locations. News of the counter offensive has yet to reach most of the colonies, but it is clear the Clan Stormjarl intends to fight for its land and has the coin to pay for help.
The ships on the horizon finally make themselves known and fly the colors of Clan Squallborn. Small ships, sleek and lean, combined with longships with hardened crews and veteran warriors are seen in the waters around Clan Stormjarl. Merchant ships returning to the colony talk of these Squallborn ships blocking and even openly attacking any ships in the area. Unless confronted in earnest, Clan Squallborn could effectively blockade Clan Stormjarl lands from getting help from Clan Nightriver and the colonies.
Stories of glory and bravado trickle in from the area near the southern border of Clan Whiteoak. Clan Axhound has led a series of daring raids on settlements and outposts along its border, routing several Whiteoak war packs and taking over some villages. Critical outposts further into Whiteoak territory were also struck by Coalition allies. If the success of the initial raids continues, Clan Whiteoak could be facing major losses to their supplies, warriors, and territories.
A large shipment of grain and food, bounties from the final harvest in Clan Goldenfield arrived in Nightriver territory recently. The wagons loaded with supplies were guarded with some warriors, but needed to fend off some minor bandit raids. No real attempt was made at stealing the supplies, but concern has been expressed that unless the roads are patrolled and a plan put into place for future wagons coming into the territory near the colonies to control the bandits, Clan Goldenfield worries about being able to safely reach its allies. This report also helps confirm numerous rumors of increased bandit activity, especially to the south east.
News of the settlement of New Oarsmeet being burned to the ground reaches the colonies. Survivors and refugees from the battle between the settlers in Oarsmeet and Prince Aylin’s soldiers attempt to find a new home. Some are given a place in the colony, others are offered work and a place in specific parts of the outlying settlements, and some spread rumors of revenge on the colonies of New Aldoria and Newhope alike.
The colony continues to prepare for winter and worry continues to grow. With the refugees from Stormjarl still in the colony and more arriving from Starkhaven and some failed outlying settlements, the tax on the food stores in the colony has risen. A small food riot breaks out, as desperate colonists steal food from the main market place. The City Watch on hand calm the group quickly without much of an incident, but it is proof that the situation in the colony continues to worsen. The price of supplies has sky rocketed as demand increases, as merchants seem to be blocking people from purchasing supplies. Some say this could be seen a natural price increase since supplies are valuable before winter, but others speak rumors of something more going on.

Hawks arrive to numerous settlements, delivering this same message all across Mardrun…

To the Coalition of Allies,
I trust that this message reaches you well, and I look forward to working alongside you all. Your sacrifice and service to my Clan’s defense will never be forgotten and sagas of your prowess in battle will be sung for generations to come.
The Coalition forces here in our lands have been immensely helpful in protecting our settlements and defenses. Although we don’t understand your methods or your culture, we are grateful that the call for aid was answered when we refused to heel to Clan Grimward’s demands.
My scouts have brought information to me that Clan Axhound intends to raid against Clan Whiteoak and that they have been influential in convincing Pack Longfang to assist. I advise you to stay your hand in this course of action, as the real threat is on this side of the continent. Do not forget that Grimward’s campaign will not end with us; our scouts report that the battle line has thinned. It is obvious that Grimward warriors have pulled back away from our territories. They have either gone home or are potentially heading North… that I am not certain. Either way, there is an opportunity for my warriors to push back, to attack Grimward and free the villages and settlements that were captured last winter. My warriors have trained, rested and healed… and they want vengeance.
Last winter, I chose to stay out of a war. You sent me letters. Your allies sent me letters. You asked me to make the right decision and not be forced into submission by Clan Grimward. You promised aid and support and you made good on that promise. My lands were saved from destruction, but this war is far from over.
Almost half of my Clan’s lands were seized, looted, my people captured and taken away. Haygreth has dealt us a terrible blow and Clan Stormjarl will never forget this. I refuse to allow this to go on unopposed, to stand idly by and not try to free my enslaved people. As we speak, my Warleader Bolverk Stormjarl is rallying warriors to move north and attack Clan Grimward. We aim to free our settlement to the North of Grimward occupation. We have already begun striking back and will continue into the winter until the cold forces us home.
I call upon you again and ask that you send warriors and support to Clan Stormjarl territory and assist me in attacking Haygreth’s forces. I ask that the Coalition assist me here, where it matters, and help us fight back against Clan Grimward. I will gladly barter supplies or pay significant weight in silver for honorable warriors that will stand with me. While helping us defend our remaining settlements will be rewarded, we also seek warriors to help us take the fight to Clan Grimward and will pay more for that kind of service.
With Honor,
Graytir Stormjarl
Clanleader of Clan Stormjarl

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