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November 25th, 2017 – The Sum of its Parts


With the recent faction conflict winding down in Clan Nightriver territory, attention has turned back towards the north. Earlier in the year during the summer, groups of adventurers were able to stop the mordok from continuing to establish a foothold in the Great Wolf’s Hackles. Mordok activity has also been more idle after the large force devastated Clan Riverhead but reports from Clan Whiteoak and Clan Shattered Spear say that the mordok have still been active on their northern borders. With the winter fast approaching, it is still unclear as to the goals of the mordok.

One thing is for certain; desperation continues to grow for those that are afflicted by the corruption sickness. Every month the reported death toll continues to rise. It has been a year and half since the emergence of the “incurable” creeping corruption. Many bear the scars and maiming of dangerous attempts at curing and destroying the corruption and many more mourn for those who have died because of it. With the mana construct deciphered, built, and successfully turned over to both the City-State of Newhope and Clan Nightriver, there is hope that a cure is soon to be found.

Word has reached the colonies and Clan Nightriver; Clan Shattered Spear recently pushed back an advance of mordok in their territory. In a remote location in the forests on their northern border, they have come across a corruption idol. While this is not unusual, this idol seems to be infused with the same type of corruption as the potent magic that makes up the creeping corruption. Ulf Mossguard, the Warleader of Clan Shattered Spear, has pledged to keep the area clear of mordok to allow a team of people from the colonies to come and experiment on the corruption idol. The mordok continue to harass and raid the area, seeming intent to recover their lost idol and have been known to slip through the ulven patrols. The nearby ulven warpacks can only maintain the area for so long before they need to regroup in the safety of nearby villages.

This is the best chance to find a cure and help those afflicted before winter. It is a race against time to see if a team of volunteers and scholars can coordinate defenses around the idol and coordinate what must be done to finally create a viable cure to the creeping corruption.



Night fell and anticipation rose as the group of adventurers, scholars, and warriors made their way deep into Shattered Spear territory to the supposed location of a new corruption site. With the new cure in hand, their lone purpose was to test and confirm its viability in the field. Perimeter guards were set soon after arriving at the sight as those with skill in divine magic began to piece together pieces of the puzzle that remained. An ominous fog hung heavy in the night air: shadows jumped and flitted, Mordok could be seen just beyond the tree line, and every failed attempt at completing the ritual seemed to push the reality of the situation further and further to the front of everyone’s mind. Much to everyone’s surprise (and nearly as many individual’s dismay), the Red-Eyed Syndar made an appearance, seeming willing to bargain untold knowledge and power in exchange for information on the ritual. Despite his efforts and the constant threat of a Mordok assault, the scholars from Starkhaven and Newhope managed to connect the final pieces of the ritual to banish the corruption within. Investigating the extent of the ritual’s power also showed that the same ritual can be used to cleanse an individual, which will lead to a great deal of rejoicing across Mardrun as hope begins to burn ever brighter in these dark times.



Unfortunately, as this was a night event, there are no photos to share.

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