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November 16th, 2013 – Onsallas Outpost Event

Winter is fast approaching and the civil war still looms across the continent. Members of Pack Longfang and several other factions stayed at Onsallas Outpost or used the outpost as a stopping point in their travels. Tensions were high as Pack Longfang coordinated daily outpost chores such as fixing bridges and gathering fire wood and confronted the outsiders who continue to use the Outpost for shelter. Rumors and speculation still float around about the Pirates of Oarsmeet and their exact involvement in the recent failed swamp expedition. With rules established and outsiders expected to earn their keep, the chores were completed and patrols were sent out to scout for mordok and find any reagents that may have bloomed this late in the season.

An emissary for Clan Stormjarl arrived and personally delivered a letter to the outpost. The letter, written from the Runeseer and leader of Pack Longfang, detailed an arrangement made with Clan Stormjarl. The goldwood claimant that was recently found in the swamp was verified as an honor debt between the Longfangs and Clan Stormjarl and the emissary had arrived to collect. Pack Longfang is to be honor bound to serve Clan Stormjarl for one half of a year, starting now. As the message was relayed to other members of the pack, discussions about the civil war continued. With the Longfangs leaving the mountain pass to serve Clan Stormjarl their allies to the south would find it difficult for supplies to move through the continent. There was also discussion about Clan Stormjarl itself. With their sudden interest in collecting an honor debt that Pack Longfang owes them, it was rumored that they would be choosing a side in this war very soon and what that would mean to the civil war.

As members of various factions discussed plans and interacted with each other, the Outpost was hit by a large storm and travelers either found shelter or left and continued south in their journeys.

Click here for pictures of this event.

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