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November 15, 2014 – Clan Whiteoak Raid

As winter fast approaches, all across Mardrun reports are heard of the civil war peaking as Grimward forces are seen in Watchwolf territory and Clan Stormjarl fights back against the Grimward conquerors in their lands. On the eastern side of the continent, the raids against Clan Whiteoak have begun in full. Clan Axhound war packs raid into Whiteoak territory assisted by allies. Other coalition members and a number of smaller Axhound war packs raid against prime targets deeper in Clan Whiteoak territory. These attacks are bold and daring, favoring Clan Axhound’s aggressive fighting style, but lack the command and leadership of some of the more experienced warleaders.

This close to winter, aggression against Whiteoak is unlikely to be stopped or hindered by Clan Grimward. Some of Whiteoak’s war packs are also still in Grimward territory, but rumor has it that the Whiteoak warleader has been recalling his warriors back home over the fall season. The Coalition has a large chance to deal a major blow against the largest ally to Clan Grimward. However, Clan Whiteoak is famed for its hearty warriors and berserkers and generations of fighting near the Dirge Swamp has made them a formidable Clan. A year of fighting against Clan Stormjarl has honed their skills for war. The Coalition may find themselves able to cripple Grimward’s allies and even retrieve some spoils of war for themselves… or they could find themselves isolated with little to no supplies in an enemy Clan’s territory against a fierce opponent.

The first few raids on Clan Whiteoak could heavily impact their involvement in the rest of the Ulven civil war.


As the raiding caravan approached the location of the outposts they were going to attack, a camp location needed to be picked. Finding a small path out of sight from hunters, the caravan set up its wagons and supplies and built a fire in the woods. The situation was somber and dire; if the camp was discovered too soon, the outposts would be alerted or reinforced and much harder to raid.

The raiding party, led by a Clan Axhound representative and made up primarily of Coalition members, scouted out the area and established patrols. The group was split into two; each group was to raid a different outpost to do as much damage to Clan Whiteoak in the area as possible. The first raid was succcessful, the defenders of the Whiteoak outpost being overrun after a quick and intense fight. The second raid was still successful but the raiding party sustained more injuries and less equipment to deal with the second outpost.

Upon returning to the camp, the defenses were still intact and the raiding party was waiting for nightfall before making an attempt to travel to the crossroads. This crossroad was a critical choke point for all wagon and cart travel in the area and the Whiteoak knew it. The raiding party split in half and the first group was able to overrun or drive back the Whiteoak warriors that were holding the crossroads. They made it out of the area and back to the Axhound allies further south. The second group waited until after dark and had to protect the camp from numerous Whiteoak hunting parties, giving the first group time to escape. The raiding party held but injuries and broken equipment were stacking up and soon the situation would be dire. The group packed up, covered the campfire, and made for the crossroads. After being ambushed twice by Whiteoak hunting parties, the raiding party was split up in the chaos of the combat at night. After some short but intense fights, the remaining wagons and supplies were able to make it to and through the crossroads.

The success of the raids on both outposts, the supplies looted as spoils of the raids, and the wagons and carts being protected allowed the Coalition to strike a heavy blow against Clan Whiteoak and their territories.

Photos from the Event

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