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November 12th, 2016 – Great Wolf’s Hackles Trail Event

Pre-Event Story:
Numerous groups and people travel freely through the roads that cut through the center of the Great Wolf’s Hackles. This mountain range stands forever as a reminder between the differing views of the ulven in regards to the colonists that now live on the continent. With the civil war over, transportation between the northern and southern part of the continent flows freely once again. The fortifications built by Clan Nightriver at the southern entrance and by Clan Grimward at the northern entrance are also reminders that the ulven stand divided. Regardless, Clan Grimward warriors keep to themselves but their cold demeanor at their fortifications are an obvious clue that travelers should keep pressing on instead of staying in the area for too long. Merchant caravans, couriers, ambassadors, and warriors all come and go through the Hackles and camp at numerous points along the road. This has allowed the road passing through the mountains to become a hub for information, on-the-trail trading, and banditry.

Who knows what news could find its way to the ears of travelers and what rumors could be learned about the larger world?

Post-Event Story:
As travelers from across Mardrun begin to set up camp along the road, conversations soon erupted among the multitude of groups in attendance. Each person carried with them a unique tale to tell, and many chose to spread the rumors and stories they acquired during recent travels. From the mouths of those from Newhope came reports of the growing crowd of corrupted outside the city walls, and the desperation hanging over them like a storm cloud. Escorted by the Order of Arnath came a number of displaced residents of Serai, nervous but eager to begin their new life across Mardrun. Pups promised to Pack Longfang were taught to fight, given a small taste of the ruthlessness that would soon confront them daily when they reached Onsallas village. An Ulven male, vocally supportive of Holmar Bloodmoon and his dissatisfaction with Branthur’s leadership, regaled any who would listen with tales of a “Fish Woman of New Aldoria”, though surely such stories are nothing more than fantasy: the sources cited couldn’t even seem to specify which half was fish and which was woman.

Though the air was filled with the crackling of the fire, the ringing of the blacksmith’s anvil, the murmuring of stories, and the songs of the bards, the evening sky was split shortly after the sun began to set, a shout and cries of pain piercing through the ambience. One of the many travelers who wore no allegiance on his person plunged a knife into another man, stealing his coin and fleeing into the woods. The scoundrel evaded capture for some time as a large group of adventurers hoped to track him down and bring him to justice, though he was eventually taken into custody, his life ultimately spared. This just goes to show that even in the absence of battle or conflict, one can never be too careful.

Click here for photos of the event!

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