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November 10, 2018 – War in the Swamp


As the month of the final harvests before winter fast approaches, the allied army of the Ulven clans and some colonial forces have been assembling at the Shield of Mardrun. These outpost fortifications have finished completion and Mardrun finally has a solid defensive line against the mordok of the Dirge Swamp in the north. Clanleaders, Warleaders, and aspiring Chieftains have all gathered at different points in the Shield to discuss tactics and a plan for taking the war into the Dirge Swamp. Most of this year has been in preparation for this moment.

Suddenly, the morning of the chosen day to kick off this military campaign begins. Well over three thousand warriors and soldiers, along with their supporting wagons and support personnel, move away from the safety of the Shield of Mardrun. They march, the largest combined forces of the Ulven clans that Mardrun has ever seen, into the swamp. This sizable army dwarfs even the forces gathered at the Battle of Pyre Hills some years ago, the final battle that ended the Ulven civil war. Whether or not enough forces or preparation has been done to see this campaign to victory has yet to be seen.

The minor tribes of the Mordok and wandering scavengers are driven back or defeated effortlessly. They are simply no match for an army of this size. The march is slow as the muck and the swamp are just as much of an enemy as the Mordok. Suitable base camp locations are a struggle to find for a group this large, forcing the army to split into smaller groups at night and then rejoin on the march. The initial bravado of finally taking the fight to the Mordok begins to sour as the logistics to do so begin to add up and take its toll. However, the Ulven committed to this cause do not waver easily and continue to press on, deeper than any known Ulven has pushed before.

This conquest does not go unnoticed. After days of struggling travel and taking of territory, the Mordok resistance begins to pick up. Larger groups of Mordok begin to harass and skirmish the Ulven forces. The pressure begins to intensify as the Mordok presence never seems to waver. Then suddenly, as the sun breaks through the dawn of one morning, the Ulven camps can hear horns in the distance. With the dawn comes an immense Mordok force, more organized and much larger than any Ulven alive has ever seen. They march, like a black tide, and have come to meet the Ulven army who has dared to invade their homeland. The Ulven forces and their allies brace for brutal conflict and begin to balance their forces and issue orders.


A strange and powerful Mordok leader has risen to interfere with the plans of the Allies of the Shield as they bring war to the swamp. (November 2018)

This month was brutal for the Ulven armies. In a hasty attempt to organize battle lines and meet the mordok forces, the ulven army coordinated a large main battle group with supporting counter-flanking forces on the side. As sounds of distant battle rang out, these countering forces tried to keep the areas they were assigned under control to deny mordok access to the flanks and supply lines of the main forces.

After an initial success of wiping out a large group of mordok, some of their tactics began to become prevalent. The initial waves of whelp-ish mordok were cut down, giving way to more experienced and well equipped ones coming to fight. A second pitched battle involving intense close-in fighting had both battle groups tearing each other apart, with the mordok devastated on the field. With a second victory and two more to go, the cost of this battle seemed to be too much. Several lay mortally wounded and equipment busted and rent. The momentum of the first two missions wavered quickly as several battle groups went to face the mordok and were cut down or repelled back to their camp. As casualties and deaths wracked up, the Clan Steinjottun war pack was on the cusp of being routed. Then, a new figured emerged… some form of mordok leader. Adorned, and acting, much differently than other mordok, the forces it brought to battle devastated the mission group and forced a rout with casualties. Dragging several corpses and dropping them at the edge of the camp, this mordok seemed to be delivering some sort of message before it returned and its forces withdrew. A final group went out to search for this leadership figure, only to be either cut down or repelled once again.

As the sun began to set, it was evident that mordok forces had dominated the trails and areas around the Ulven army’s flanks and the counter-flanking groups failed to stop them. Reports of immense casualties, split battle lines, and even devastated supply wagons began to reach the main ulven army. With the brutal frontline fighting and the flanks being overwhelmed, the Ulven army has sounded a retreat and moved to nearby high ground. Entire war packs have been lost or killed, scouts missing, and supply wagons cut off from the main group. In the first few weeks of the war in the dirge swamp, the ulven forces have been dealt a serious blow. Both mordok and ulven forces have suffered immense casualties in a short period of time. Whether or not the ulven army recovers from this and is able to continue the war, or must coordinate a retreat back to the Shield of Mardrun, is still unknown.


Click here to see photos from the event!

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