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Notable Locations

The Colony of Newhope – The first major colony established on Mardrun, it is the largest and most diverse piece of land on the continent.

New Aldoria – Established by Prince Aylin after relations with Newhope turned sour, New Aldoria has set its sights on becoming a major naval and economic power on Mardrun.

Daven’s Reach – Once owned by the Baroness Catherine of Newhope, Daven’s Reach was a center of trade on Mardrun before being overtaken by bandits, who have settled in and are now hoping to straighten their lives out.

Onsallas Outpost – Operated by Pack Longfang, Onsallas Outpost has long stood as a sentry against the Mordok from the Dirge Swamp.

Dirge Swamp – The impassable, festering wound of a swamp to the north of Ulven lands, this seems to be the home of Mardrun’s Mordok population.

The Wayward Inn – Just outside of Newhope, this inn once stood as a meeting place for colonists to rest easy, though a fire destroyed much of the building and even more of its reputation of safety.

Starkhaven – The fortress of the Order of Arnath, Starkhaven was one of the first major construction projects by the colonists from Faedrun.

Darkport – A relatively new port town, Darkport hopes to establish itself as a hub of commerce and a melting pot of culture.

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