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Nikolai Longfang

Played by: Nik Draco Knight
Name: Nikolai Longfang
Gender: Male.
Age: 17
Race: Ulven
Hair: Brown
Eyes: One eye is blue, the other is pure white
Occupation: Longfang Guardian
Known Skills: Shield expert, and toughness
Birthplace: originated from camp nightriver.
Appearance: of normal height, and described by Harlok as scrawny by his standards
Notable Traits: Left eye was blinded by a fight.

UPDATE: Nikolai Longfang was killed in the Battle of Blackwolf Creek in March of the year 263. The warriors of Pack Longfang fulfilled an honor debt to Clan Stormjarl and helped defend their settlements and protect their warriors during the Clan Grimward invasion of the winter of the year 262. After months of skirmish fighting and retreating back to the main Clan Stormjarl settlement, the Pack Longfang warriors stayed to help protect the final remaining settlement. When Clan Grimward warriors launched an all out attack in March of 263, Pack Longfang warriors sacrificed their lives to defend the main route into the settlement and keep Clan Grimward from massacring the ill-equipped Stormjarl militia stationed nearby. With brutal and savage fighting raging for hours almost non-stop, Pack Longfang warriors were slaughtered almost completely. Only a handful of warriors were dragged back to the healers; the elite warriors of Pack Longfang were decimated.

Nikolai gave his life in battle after holding his position in the shield wall for hours as both sides savagely attacked each other. Cut and stabbed dozens of times, Nikolai eventually bled to death from his wounds, but managed to hold out longer than some of his fellow warriors.

Bio: Nikolai Longfang was originally born to the Ulven clan Nightriver, but later in his life he was traded to pack Longfang along with one of his fellow pack members Wigwald. Both Nikolai and Wigwald were looked over due to their somewhat lack of size and stature to most other Longfang members, but both Ulven worked hard to be the best however only Nikolai rose to the title of a Longfang warrior. Since his becoming a warrior Nikolai has fought with the Longfang for years and has been in many battles, however his presence at the Grimmward Summit, is the most noteworthy so far in his life. Months before the summit Nikolai spent most of his time helping Wigwald improve his skills, already being a full fledged warrior Nikolai expected his companion to grow and improve fast, and after weeks of training he was showing improvement, but not enough to be considered a better warrior. Nikolai sympathized Wigwald, remembering his own troubles with being smaller then most Ulven. As training went on the days got closer and closer to the upcoming summit, and when the day finally came when the Longfang set out to the summit Wigwald begged Nikolai to bring him with, so when the time came to attend the summit Nikolai brought Wigwald. Nikolai describes the summit as one of the worst days in his life, for at the summit conflict arose between the Longfang and Graytides, so much that Nikolai was caught in the eye by a javelin, luckily his shield stopped the blunt of the javelin, however during this engagement, Khulgar Graytide killed Wigwald. This angers Nikolai… He was angered that the Graytide… other Ulven would take the life of another who was working for his place as a warrior and for peace… this thought burns like a wild fire in his heart to this day.

Relationships: Life long friend to Wigwald Longfang
Rumors: If they gossip about you, what do they say?

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