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Nico Tizdra

Played by: Jacob Beardsley
Name: Nico Tizdra
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: blue
Occupation: scientist
Known Skills: alchemy
Birthplace: May’kar Vandregon border
Appearance: wears white and blue robes


December 16, 248
I found this journal in a house we raided. My mother said I should keep a record just in case. So here I go, my name is Nico Tizdra. I am the son of Boron Tizdra and grandson of Dominik. My father started a group of monster hunters in the name of his father. It is mostly our family and friends and anyone who will take up the fight against the undead and penitent forces. We call ourselves the Watchdogs. I was born September, 238. I have an older sister and a younger brother. We live in both the southern part of Vandregon and northern part of the May’kar dominion. We move around a lot so it is sometimes hard to tell but we all consider ourselves true proud May’kar. As for the Watchdogs, we recruit from anywhere that will join. It’s like a large second family. Right now the war is getting really tough and the winters are even worse. It’s been thirteen years since the May’kar betrayed everyone. I wasn’t born at the time so I don’t remember anything but I do remember never having a true home. The undead are worse than ever and it’s getting harder than ever to stay alive. Whole towns are left broken and bloody from the undead. The Watchdogs track and kill undead and do our best to stay alive. That’s easier said than done, just last week we lost three and we lost ten the month before that. We’re down to about twenty people from the fifty we had traveling with us a year ago. Well, it’s time to pack up and move again so I got to quit writing for now.

September 16, 249
Some of my recent entries were ripped out of my journal. I don’t remember doing it, or where they might be, but I don’t have time to worry about that now. We found some survivors south of a village called Carriagestead in the southern end of Vandregon that brought us back up to about thirty people and so far we are holding that number.

November 02, 249
We have just received reports of a large undead force moving to the North. My father and the rest of the engagement team are planning to intercept them. I’m not worried because they are all clerics and my father is even a Witch, just like my grandfather.

November 10, 249
The engagement team just met back up with us. They are badly hurt and broken. The undead were too strong. There were more cultists and greater undead than anticipated. My father tried but had to give the order to retreat. There are only a handful left out of the fifteen that went out.

January 20, 250
Winter sucks like usual less food every year and even less in winter. So hungry. But hey, can’t complain, we found more survivors willing to fight. We’re at twenty-five strong now.
The Watchdogs have become more of a refugee caravan than an undead killing force, but at least we are still helping people.

July 01, 250
There was a vote last night to send me and my little brother away to the coast where it would be safe. Once there we were to learn life skills and trade skills. The vote was unanimous and so I’m getting packed to move once again.

August 05, 251
This was a surprise. I found my journal in a box I had lost over a year ago. Where should I begin? I started to learn alchemy. There’s another continent that was discovered a year ago I guess. Still no word from father but I’m sure he’s fine.

January 01, 256
It’s been five long years I’m getting pretty good at alchemy. I’m a man now. A lot has changed, for the worse of course. The May’kar is for a lack of a better term, destroyed. We are still blamed and ridiculed for betraying the Vandregon. Shortly after Aldoria closed its borders they were crushed from the inside out. No word if they made it out or not. The Vandregon split its forces to fight on two fronts and we received word a couple years ago that the southern army has fallen. The Watchdogs have linked back up with us at the coast, my father not with them. He fell in battle against the revenant king he sacrificed himself to save the rest. He left me his book on divine magic even though I never was much good at magic. There are only ten of us left. I’ve become far too busy so I’ve cut down my entries to once per year.

April 05, 257
The boats have slowed down I hear the truce has held between the colonists and these wolf people called ulven. As for the undead they are still advancing it’s still uncertain when they will get here.

June 05, 258
This is supposed to be the last boat to leave for the new colony I hope it’s better than what has happened here. If I can I want to devote my life to the work of science and understanding the world. Maybe this will be a fresh start, a new beginning, just like the town’s name: a new hope.

August 14, 262
I’ve set up a lab and I’ve begun work on a few pet projects. The paralysis agent is proving quite promising. Nothing more to report today.

June 12, 263
I over heard some talk about “corruption” up north. Could it be the same? How? Can I stop it before it gets worse? I need to research this; I can’t let this happen again. It’s the least I can do to make up for my peoples sins.

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