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July 272 – News and Rumors

The sun beats down and warms the continent under its gaze and in these hot months people take refuge in taverns and under shady trees and in these meeting places there is the ever present spread of News and Rumors

News comes from Newhope territories. The serial killer that had plagued the villages of the City-state Territory off and on over the last couple years has been finally captured. She was found in a run down shack and taken alive into custody by a team of volunteers working alongside the Newhope Guard. Rumors hold that there were two individuals, unaffiliated with the guard, who were integral to the investigation. Supposedly Newhope plans to commemorate them during the upcoming Market Faire in Key’s Crossing.

Tragedy strikes! Nestled into the craggy mountains of The Great Wolf’s Hackles stands a burgeoning settlement, well at least until very recently. A young organization by the name of FATE had been in the process of establishing a settlement they called Fort Dreadwyrm near the pass that leads through The Great Wolf’s Hackles. They were in the process of building up their fortifications, but before they were able to have any form of martial ability, a raid came for them. The survivors tell stories of how the raiders, apparently all Ulven, struck with incredible speed and brutality. Before they were even aware of their presence, people were already dying. Those who survived fled into the hills and mountains as their homes and livelihoods burned behind them. In the end Fort Dreadwyrm was burned completely to ashes and a good deal of their citizens fell under the blade and ax of their uninvited guests. Only time will tell if FATE is able to rally themselves and rebuild or if they will fall under the weight of their circumstances.

Rumors continue to swirl around the undead plagued island to the Northeast of Clan Whiteoak. Though Whiteoak, Axhound, and Prince Aylin have agreed that the island should be quarantined until a plan is in place. Unfortunately the increased Mordok activity has drawn a lot of attention away from this project as Axhound and Whiteoak have to turn their attention back to The Shield. People have been saying that they’ve seen soldiers from Aylin’s Reach marching toward the eastern portions of The Shield, no doubt in an effort to aid their Ulven allies. Most people seem to be under the impression that Aylin is hoping to help repel this onslaught as quickly as possible so that focus can be retrained onto the island and the promise it holds.

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