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February 271

Word tears across Mardrun of a troubling development along the borders of Newhope territories. A small colonist village was ransacked in a brutal and deadly raid. Not a single inhabitant survived the assault and some of them were even left with their heads on pikes. It wasn’t until a traveling merchant came to the area days later that anyone even knew of their fate.Taverns and alehalls throughout the whole continent are abuzz with worried whispers and fervent debates. Some claim that it must have been the work of bandits, but others think that it was clearly an Ulven attack as some sort of a reprisal for the rumors of the crimes of the Ancient Syndar. Regardless of the perpetrators, the colonists along the border find themselves on edge and sleeping with one eye open. It is yet to be seen if Newhope proper will mount any kind of a military operation along their borders.

The tales of an Ulven hunter who barely survived being lost in a blizzard make their way through the tavern circuit. The stories say that a Nightriver hunter went out to hunt deer on the southside of The Great Forest. She was gone for many days, during which a brutal snowstorm blanketed the land in deep snow. Her packmates began to come to terms with the thought that she may never return, but one day she did. She limped into the village on a broken and splinted leg and after resting told a story of losing her way in the storm and hearing the heavy breathing and dull roar of a beast in the woods. She ran, but while blinded by the storm, tripped over a tree root and fell down an embankment, breaking her ankle. Still hearing the rumble of the beast she pulled herself into the hollow of a large tree and huddled herself together. She continued to hear the beast’s heavy breath and solid footsteps around her tree, but she could not bring herself to look outside. She shivered through the night, but didn’t dare to light a fire. When the morning came and the storm passed she splinted her ankle and made the slow journey home with no quarry, but the story of an event she’ll never forget.

Some months back the Ulven Clans of Mardrun put forth a joint effort to supply a party of Steinjottun Fleetfoot scouts and Spiritclaw Truthseekers to be sent into the heart of The Dirge to verify the rumors that have been circulating about the origins of The Mordok and the lies of Arragones. Though no official statements have been made by any of the Ulven Clans it does appear that some loose lips have given rise to even more rumors that the Ulven scouting party has returned. Many of these rumors also claim that the scouts have verified everything contained in the scandalous letter that has been circulating with claims that Arragones has been lying to cover up the sins of her ancestors. Though some choose to wait for official confirmation by Clanleadership, others have already begun to spread these rumors as fact.

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