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Naheerie Seagrum

Player name: Arlene Hepp
Character name: Naheerie Seagrum
Gender: female
Race: feral syndar
Age: 18
Occupation: Barkeep/ merchant
Skills: Resource; merchant, archery, Barkeep, lore;economic, lore; arcane, lore; divine,
Birthplace: The Sea Dragon
Appearance: has fangs and usually a dismal expression on her face. Wears dark blue and black/ dark gray. Black hair and golden brown eyes.


Naheerie is the daughter of Venros Seagrum, a known traveling Merchant but because of his aging has started to settle down at his main Trading Post at the Docks. Where he has been focusing on his Brewing. As such Naheerie has stepped up to take over the traveling between Trading Posts and trying to set up new deals. Though she knows she is going to be at a disadvantage and looked down upon by many as a feral syndar born hollowed… It’s almost as if the story of ‘why’ and ‘how’ of her name has provoked a change in her. The story was told to her not long ago by Venros during one of his many drinking times spent with his favorite regulars of the Trading Post. It went a little something like this…

“Naheerie bring us some more booze!” Venros yelled from the back of the shop. Naheerie gave a deep sigh as she laid down her drawing stick and sighed again as she grabbed yet another bottle from the shelves and took it to the back. As she walked through the curtain separating the rooms she could see her father surrounded by his most loyal customers at the table, gambling and hoot-n-hollering just having a grand old time of it. Naheerie walked over and started pouring everyone another glass. As she just finished pouring a drink for the one, a man that liked to come into the Trading Post just to stare at her while she worked, he grabbed her wrist. Startling her and causing some of the bottle to splash onto the table.
“Naheerie… Is such a pretty name… For a creature such as you.” He drunkenly slurred as he looked her up and down while still holding on to her. He asked, “How did someone like you, Venros, come up with it? Or was it her mother’s idea?” Naheerie tried to pull her arm away without spilling more drink but the man’s grip tightened holding her in place. When Venros did not answer him, the man turned his head to the side to look at him. And as he met Venros’s eyes he immediately released her and put his hand up slightly in a sign of yielding.
Venros then smiled and said,” Have I never told the story? That’s a shame I’m quite proud of myself for it.” He leaned back in his chair while  Naheerie continued around the table pouring drinks. “So her mother was one of my… Girls, back on Faedrun.”
“Oh so you have always been selling some kind of ‘goods’!” One of the men interrupted with a laugh.
“You better believe it!” Venros said as he continued his story,” So she gave birth on the boat ride here. We were on Captain Black’s ship, as he was the one who got, Sikora, my best working girl pregnant in the first place.” Naheerie finished pouring the last person their drink, and had been about to leave to go back to her drawing. But paused as this was the first of her hearing that Venros was not in fact her father. Venros continued, “And luckily Captain Black has his healer on board at all times, so I thought everything was going to go smoothly. But alas that is not what happened. There was… Complications and because of these complications Sikora died before she had even finished giving birth.”
“This is kind of a sad and gruesome tale. how does this make you proud for coming up with a name?”  The interrupting one asked.

“I’ll get there, I’ll get there.” Venros said as he waved his hand in a shooing manner. “So the captain walks in after the whole ordeal is over takes one look at Sikora, covered in blood and dead on the floor.” Venros pauses to take a long drink before he continues, “Merrick while still on his knees holding the newly-born Babe decides to ask him what he wishes for the child. And Black goes…” Venros stands up, knocks over his chair in the process as he has had a bit too much at this point, but still manages to portray an arrogant and egotistical being as he impersonates Captain Black. ‘”I wish for it to have the same fate as it’s mother who lies dead on my floor. That’s an eerie creature, a syndar child born and yet I feel no mana from it. It will be useless to me or anyone else in this world.’ And then he just turns and leaves.” Venros bent down and put his chair back up as he plopped down on it. “The pompous syndar ass. So the Healer Merrick with a dejected look on his face ’cause he pretty much fought to bring her into this world turns and looks to me. I guess he doesn’t want to ask the same question ’cause he just sits there looking at me for a while. So I walk over and grab her and say ‘so that was a nah cuz she’s eerie and I’m a sissy kind of answer if I ever heard one’ and then I laughed to myself and said ‘you know what? That’s what I’m going to call you my girl, Naheerie.’ And so that’s the story on how and why I named her what I did.” he finished with a big drink and laugh. Then of course Mr. Interrupter had to say” I don’t think that’s a story you should be proud of.” And that’s when a brawl started…

Naheerie had never given much thought about her being unable to use or sense magic. But now she craves knowledge on all magic. Hoping to find a way for her to use magic of her own. To prove that she is useful and not just an eerie creature to be left for dead.

This information has has also caused Naheerie to be unsure about how she feels about Sunny. As Captain Black had always treated Naheerie harshly whenever he came to the Trading Post. Usually knocking and pushing her out of his way, sometimes causing Naheerie the fall and hurt herself. And Sunny would always be there to tend to her wounds. There are stories of how Sunny was pretty much taken in under the captain’s wing, and the stories all start around the same time that Naheerie was born. But Sunny never treated Naheerie poorly or anything of the sort which is what confuses Naheerie… It’s almost as if Sunny doesn’t know that Captain Black is Naheerie’s real father. So she just shows up with a smile and heals the Seagrum family whenever they are in need even though Captain Black is no longer alive, and in return she gets a bottle of booze each time. Which is quite a bit as Venros has taken to calling many his children. Naheerie may have been the first to be called his but she is not the oldest nor the youngest in the Seagrum family.

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