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Nadja Padureani

CHARACTER NAME: Nadja Padureani


CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 24

RACE: Human

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Greyish Blue

OCCUPATION: Travelling performer

KNOWN SKILLS: Good with knives and survival skills.

BIRTHPLACE: Faedrun (Traveling Caravan)

APPEARANCE: Nadja wears several layers of flowing clothes and scarves made of vibrant patterns and a black felt hat.

Nadja was born in 244 to a Sojourner caravan that had historically moved predominantly through Richtcrag and the surrounding areas before being eventually forced south during the fall of Richtcrag. By the time Nadja was born, the caravan spent most of its time in Vandregon, but they never let go of their Richtcrag roots. When the threat of the undead seemed to only be getting worse and worse, the caravan decided they would try to make it to the newly discovered continent, Mardrun. The Sojourners didn’t have a homeland to fight for and after all, traveling was what they did.

Eventually Nadja, her siblings, and her parents were able to gain passage on a boat along with a couple other Sojourner families. Unfortunately this meant that the caravan would split. After a long journey to Mardrun, they slowly started rebuilding the caravan as they waited for the rest of the clan of Sojourners. They never came and they had to move on.

Despite living in a new land, the Sojourners kept their traditional lifestyle. They stayed nomadic and made money however they could. Often through various shady methods but they never resorted to kidnapping or murder.

Nadja learned all of their ways as she grew up but found herself venturing out on her own once she reached adulthood, though she tries to meet up with the caravan as often as she can. Usually you can find her travelling from town to town making money however she can and hoping to find more Sojourners along her way.

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