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Muggrim Spineripper

I am Muggrim Spineripper, Warrior of the Koragnak Bear-Breath line.
I am the son of Granak Brokefang and Lorya Rivereyed.
I am brother to Magrat Farwalker.
I am vowed upon my life to find her and protect her and woe be to the creature that stands between me and my vow.
Battle-scarred Warrior.
Chosen of the Bear.

Played by: Baldbeasty – baldbeasty@gmail.com
Name: Muggrim Spineripper
Gender: Male
Age: Around 70-80 years
Race: Syndar
Tribe: The Lost
Hair: None
Eye: Green, right only (his left is destroyed).
Character Journal:
Class: Warrior
Occupation: Hunter/caravan guard
Known Skills: Shield-Axe Style/Hunting
Birthplace: Celestial Mountains, on Faedrun
Notable Traits: Green skin, war paint, scarred, missing left-eye.
Relationships: Younger brother of Magrat Farwalker.
Rumors/Quotes: “You think because my skin is green and I have fangs that I speak in monosyllabic words? I am brief by choice, not by ignorance. You would do well to remember that, human. It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove them right.” – Muggrim in a human colony searching for his sister.

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