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Morning Glory

Name: Morning Glory (Glory, for short)

Age: 28

Race: Human

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Occupation: Bard and Traveler

Birthplace: May’Kar Dominion

Notable Traits: Glory is afflicted with a severe stutter. The only reprieve she gets from her impediment is when she sings.

Relationships: Glory and Zeke are close friends. First meeting in her youth, they have since gone their separate ways. She hopes to reunite with her old friend in the days to come.

Rumors: It was once said Glory was named “Queen of the Rascals” by a band of thieves after gaining favor for herself and her traveling party during an intense hostage situation.

Glory was born of a union of two warriors – two traitors, who fell in love during the betrayal of the May’kar people. Her mother a healer, her father a warrior; they abandoned their duties once they became aware of their child and fled from their homeland to bring her up safely, far away from harm and darkness. Named “Morning Glory” after the flowers her mother loved, she was raised with all the virtues of their home before the betrayal and was instilled with a deep faith in the goddess Ilyara, to whom she is a devout believer. Her mother, being a cleric, was as nurturing and caring as any mother could be. Her father, being a fighter on the front lines of many battles, gave her the means to defend herself should the need ever arise.

Being 10 years old when she stepped onto the boat, Glory was only 17 when she left her parents to learn and ply her trade. She trained with anyone who would take her as an apprentice, and she spent the rest of her time traveling to any place her heart led her. There were a few sticky situations, due to her travelling alone, but she was happy and relieved to find more good people than bad. Many a warm bed and full belly was at the kindness and hospitality of strangers, something which she has never forgotten. Using every opportunity to learn stories and write songs, she spent the next 10 long years plying her craft and traveling throughout the world.

After all this time, however, she no longer felt fulfilled.

As a believer of Ilayara, Glory knows true beauty lies within creation itself. She looked back at all her books and scrolls of scribbled songs and stories and could not find one original work. Despite her best efforts, every time she would sit down and rack her brain, she could not seem to be capable of creating a work of her own. She became increasingly frustrated while looking for answers inside herself, and so, she turned her gaze towards the world. She settled on a new goal: To find a “True Hero”, whom she hopes would inspire her to create her own masterpiece.

During her travels, Morning Glory received a harsh blow to the head from a shield when fleeing from a scuffle. Taking the blow in stride, she kept running to the nearest settlement with almost unnatural focus. Her only goal: safety. Thinking back on the accident, she believes her mind may have already been damaged from the impact for her to have such a simple goal. Her wound, which was once thought small, was in fact grievous and damaging to her body, after the settlement she fled to pointed to her bloodied tunic and a large open wound on her forehead. After being bandaged and treated, Glory insisted that all she needed was water and rest. However, when she awoke the next morning, she was unable to speak without stumbling and stalling on her own words. A local doctor assured her that rest and her body’s natural healing would take of things, despite the severity of the wound.

It has been almost 2 years since the incident, and there has been no change in her stutter. Glory is still struggling with this, though she is happy and relieved her singing has not been affected.

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