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Mioria Whiteoak

PLAYED BY: April Hunter

CHARACTER NAME: Mioria Whiteoak

GENDER: Female

CLASS: Cleric

AGE: 20s

RACE: Ulven

HAIR: Black

EYES: Hazel

OCCUPATION: Daughter in training

KNOWN SKILLS: Divine Magic

BIRTHPLACE: Southern Whiteoak village

NOTABLE TRAITS: Piercings on nose and lips

RELATIONSHIPS: Member of the Rangers

BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: When I was ten, I was introduced to divine magic. I was eager to learn. I don’t have much of a family as the majority of them have been killed at some point or another. Which leaves me to be alone in my practices quite often. I learn fast and protect the people I consider to be family. Over all, if you get in my way I will end your life with no remorse. I follow orders and do as my clan orders. When I am not working for my clan, I am practicing and learning new skills to become stronger. Or I am at the tavern with my friends. I do not fear hurting people by what I say or do. I will not control myself to appease the liking of others. Protect the clan by all means necessary, even if it offers your life. This is what I go by. I lost my family to the treacherous whores known as Axehound. They are the only clan that causes me to become so enraged that I want to tear them to shreds. Axehound killed my mother and father when I was a young pup. My parents were out patrolling when the monsters attacked, taking my parents and a few other lives from the clan with them. I was told that they fought hard, but Axehound has no dignity and took their lives when they were distracted by battle. On that day, a whole new war had started and I made a promise to avenge my parents and my clan. I was already learning divine magic before this travesty happened. It was the push I needed to get stronger. I wish to kill every one of those bastards. I am not particularly fond of humans either. When they came, I was learning how to use divine magic and I seem to excel more at it than arcane. They tried to make me a Daughter of Gaia but I wished to put all of my concentration at getting stronger with divine magic. Maybe one day I’ll try again to learn the ways of the Priestesses, but for now I wish to master the divine arts.

Years later, I was outside going to the tavern when four war-packs or “units” as the other races call them, appeared in our village. Three of which were from the Rangers and one of which was from the Nomads. They were strange looking, these Rangers, but the thought of protecting the clan, as they had, gave them a sort of awe that drew me to them. These people protected my clan when we in turn had tried to destroy them months ago. There was no reason we had wished them dead and in turn when we ourselves were dying, they came to our aid. The strength they projected had me wishing to join them and I am honor bound to them for protecting my clan. The thought of being one of them weighed heavily on my mind. I left the tavern and approached them. I was looking for the head of the war pack, which they call officers. I walked up to this officer and told him of my desire to join their pack. He was taken aback and surprised by my wish. He told me that I was better off talking to the one known as Tobias at Crows Landing. Tobias is the Commander of the Rangers and therefore the leader of their clan. I thanked the officer and left to my home to pack some supplies. I was driven and determined to find this leader to convince him to let me join his clan. I made my way to Crows Landing and found this Tobias. It was a little unsettling at first, as there were so many people. He seemed to be very important or maybe just busy. I got a sense of calm when I noticed that he too was an Ulven. The meeting of my inquiry was short, as he was busy with various reports. He was, however, happy to have a new recruit. I have no understanding of half of what he said. It was all utterly confusing, something about with enough work I could work my way up to a Seeker. I am now what is known as a Sister of the Rangers, whatever that might be, but I have a new home and a new clan to protect. I hope that by what I am doing will bring honor to both me and my Clan, for they will always be in my thoughts.

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