PLAYED BY: Brent Manske

CONTACT INFO: brentmanske@gmail.com




AGE: 29

RACE: Human

HAIR: Black

EYES: Brown

OCCUPATION: Mage for hire and a Magic Weaver

KNOWN SKILLS: Mage craft, Magic Weaving, and a scholar

BIRTHPLACE: A tiny fishing village on Faedrun

APPEARANCE: Normal human build, usually wears a cloak of some kind.

RELATIONSHIPS: Working with William of Vandregon


Michael was born into a small family in a tiny fishing village on Faedrun. He was born into a family of healers, who have been practicing since the early days of the colonies. He had 1 older Brother and 2 younger sisters along with his parents and 2 remaining grandparents. He does not remember the boat ride over to the colonies but his father did tell him about the journey over. When his was young as with all in the family he began to learn about healing, however unlike the rest of his family Michael soon showed signs of arcane capabilities. Before he learned of his abilities, he had been studying the anatomy of many different races, but he never did finish his studies due to his magic emerging.

Once Michael reached adult hood, he was given some money by his family and sent out on a journey of learning, as is tradition for his family. Normally kids are sent out to learn form other healers and surgeons to improve their skills and learn new ways of healing that could be brought back to the family. For Michael this would be a journey to study magic, however his father did request that Michael try to find away to blend healing and his magic for the family. Michael agreed with his father, but he had never fished his medical schooling and those had no idea where to start in this project, and was unsure if he could ever do it.

During his travels he was able to pick up a few things here and there about the ways of magic. Over a few years of traveling he was able to unlock the most of his magic. One day he stumbled into a place called the Wayward Inn, where he met an older man sitting it the tavern talking about old war stories. This was not the first time he had seen this type of man, but the tabard he was wearing intrigued him. The man was wearing a red and gray tabard. Michael had read old stories about the armies of old called Vandregon and wanted to hear more.

As he sat down near the man to hear his stories, the older man noticed his interest and came over to speak with him. He introduced himself as William. William gladly told Michael his tales and the two talked for hours in the tavern. At one point some bandits attacked the Inn and several people left to deal with them. Michael not being a fighter stayed in the Inn, William however left to fight. Once William returned the two started to talk again. It was during this that William offered Michael a deal. William had been trying to rebuild the army with little success up to now, but he said that if Michael joined with him that once the army was rebuilt, he would support Michael’s research in the future. As this seemed like a good deal Michael agreed on one condition that he was free to cut ties if he felt like this was not working out.

After that Michael traveled with William for some time, they went many places and fought many enemies. During that time was when Michael got his first encounter with the Mordock. During the fighting Michael found himself to be a bit lacking when it came to combat. Bandits had not been much of a problem, but Mordock were a bit hard to fight, and so soon after his encounter with them he told William that he was going to go off and finish off his magical training.

During Michaels time away he was able to learn much more about magic and unlock his greater magic abilities. Not long after achieving this he got a message form William requesting aid. Michael honored the request and met up with him at the Onsolace Outpost. It was here that William brought Michael up to speed on the Civil war that was happening, with a new set of problems a new set of priority was need for Michael. He was now able to participate in direct combat, but he also began to think there may be better ways he could use his magic to help Vandregon. This is where he learned of weavers, and so he began to study it.

After a while he was able to get the basics down and began to use it to help out during the war. Unfortunately, the war took a turn that made both Michael and William start to rethink their involvement. The Vandregon army was routed and pushed out of The Pass, and around the same time the Red Eyed Syndar appeared. This caused much debate on what should be done with Red Eye, Michael and William both wanted to kill him and be done with it. In the end the diction of hearing him out won and this caused Michael to decided that he would leave to do more research into weaving and what is possible.

During his time away Michael did a lot of research and experimenting on his weaver abilities.  It took several months of study to get down mana manipulation and control. This improved his meditation and overall mana storage. Once he got that down, he moved on to work with auras. He found out much about auras though experimenting. He started small, trying to protect form acid and shatter bots. It took many distorted pieces of armor and wood dummies. It ended up yield great results, with that knowledge he went on to work on death bolt protection. It took many tries and a few volunteers but he managed to work it out in the end.

In most recent events he has heard rumblings of an alliance between Tobias and William, as well as noticing the damage that has been done to magic itself. Currently his experiments have to be put on hold due to this damage to magic. The frustration this has caused him has changed his priories again. Michael now decides it is time to take his new knowledge back to William and see how he can help fix the magic so he can go back to his work.

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