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May 6th – A Line is Drawn

The Wayward Inn has been seeing a steady business since the trade routes to several settlements have been made safer.

Following the Grimward summit, news of the bloodbath spread quickly. Panic has gripped each settlement as they are not sure what to expect next. In a land where all the colonists are guests, a civil war amongst the native Ulven has everyone on edge.

The patrons of the inn weathered a rainy storm inside by telling stories of past deeds, discussing what might happen next after war was declared, and enjoying the food and drink of the inn.

Several adventurers sparred outside, some members of different Ulven packs confronted each other and had a honor duel, and patrons walked the trails and enjoyed the land around the inn. Everything seemed to be a fairly quiet day… until a wounded Ulven stumbled into Inn with a warning of violence.

It was shortly after that when hunting parties of Pack Graytide showed up in the area and tried to raid the inn. There was a brutal fight and many adventurers were wounded or even within inches of death. The first hunting party of Graytides were killed or repelled. The number of wounded was staggering and it was obvious that the hunting parties had signaled for more reinforcements.

As the adventurers finalized a plan to escape and head towards a nearby settlement, a second hunting party raided the inn and burst through the back door. They killed the tavern staff and stormed upstairs and killed some of the patrons who had been staying in their rooms. The tavern owner escaped with the group of adventurers, who tried to stall the Ulven warriors and barricade the door to buy them time. The Graytides broke through the door and gave chase as the screams of the dying patrons were drowned out by the roar of the fire consuming the inn.

With Graytides close on their heels, the adventurers and surviving inn staff moved as quickly as they could along the trail Southeast. The wounded were carried or hobbled along as fast as they could. Several adventurers hung back to stall the advancing Graytides but the group got separated and some were taken down by Graytides. Luckily, the wounded were recovered and everyone made it to the next settlement which was firmly inside Clan Nightriver territory. Not wanting to invade Clan Nightriver territory, the Graytide warriors stopped giving chase and members of each side shouted oaths of vengeance and threats to each other. The Pack Graytide warriors eventually fell back, leaving the mass of wounded adventurers seeking shelter and healing aid at the new settlement.

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