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May 29-31st, 2015 – Onsallas Outpost Event

== STORY ==
Pre-Event Summary
After the recent uneasy alliance with Ironmound still under negotiations, Nightriver has begun to mobilize more of its warriors to send them to the frontlines. Branthur Nightriver has sent multiple messages urging his allies, the colonies, and the Coalition to take advantage of this opportunity and push for an end to the war. Military units and supply wagons have begun marching to purpose and the civil war continues to escalate… some fear to a bloody and brutal confrontation and others hope for a chance to stall the fighting and find a peaceful resolution.

Far to the north, members of the Coalition have gathered again at Onsallas Outpost. The pineed sap harvest is winding down but numerous trees are still able to produce enough sap to be collected. Villagers of Pack Longfang and Onsallas Village have begun a coordinated effort to explore the nearby swamp and territories for any and all supplies that could be collected and sent to the war effort. Mordok activity is on the rise but remain far enough away to not be a direct threat and merchants and adventurers have begun to visit Onsallas again.

During the Ironmound feast, Wargah Grimward revealed to everyone in attendance that Clan Grimward was also in possession of an ulven orb, an artifact identical to the one found in the swamp last year. Members of the coalition fear that it is now a race against time to see which side of the civil war unlocks the secrets behind the ulven artifact.

Post-Event Summary
As adventurers and travels from all across Mardrun collected at Onsallas Outpost, basic tasks and outpost defenses were divided up. Dry firewood was sought after and pineed trees ready for tapping were searched for in order to collect sap from the recent harvest. Swamp tack and supplies were collected and moved for the war effort, with a collection being taken by those who wanted to send more support.

Mad Morty and the Shepherd were sighted and even made an attempt to get close to the corruption site outside the outpost. Mordok activity continued all through the day as adventurers tried to unlock the secrets of the ulven orb. It eventually did activate once a nearby corruption idol was destroyed, and the orb recalled two adventurers through the mana stream and into the swamp. A search party was sent out and the two were found who apparently were recalled to a specific point. Upon digging into the ground, a cache was found containing some magical artifacts and notes from what appears to be a lorespeaker. In the cache was a well known saga and what appeared to be the original which featured ulven battling each other. The implication of the history of the ulven was profound, but more questions needed answers.

The mordok continued to be a real threat and the adventurers manned the defenses. Research continued on the materials recovered and hints and notes pointed towards a great mystery further west in the swamp.

Click here for pictures of the event!

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