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May 28-30th, 2016 – When the Waves Crash In (Onsallas Outpost Event)

== STORY ==
Pre-Event Summary
As the recent corruption around Mardrun continues to worsen, time is of the essence in a race to find cleansing rituals that can help. Rumors spread that this corruption can’t be stopped and that those afflicted have already started to die. What seems to be certain is that unless a cure is found, the death toll will continue to rise. The recent conference at the Bos Mezar outpost near Serai was able to gain some ground in researching the necessary components to find a ritual to cleanse this corruption. There still seems to be a long ways to go until it is discovered and able to be put into practice. Unfortunately with the short blooms of some of the rare reagents, those sighted near Serai have since wilted and other reagents must be found.

Some of these rare reagents are known to be seen elsewhere in the swamp and the most likely place for researchers to go is the village and outpost of Onsallas. The corruption site outside of the outpost, the one created two years ago by the Red Eyed Syndar, threatens to continue growing as the containment methods used by the Daughters of Gaia seem unable to continue to keep it in check. Research connected to this site might also provide useful in finding a cure for the recent corruption. However, mordok have besieged the Pack Longfang settlement for the last few months, their presence in the area unlike anything seen before. Rumors say that great tides of mordok threaten to overwhelm the village, but the reality is more likely that the presence in the swamp is more active than usual and has not disappeared back into the swamp. Small skirmishes erupt constantly between village defenders and the roving mordok. This poses a serious threat to anyone in the area as merely traveling to and from Onsallas is treacherous. Clan Spiritclaw has made the village’s plight known to others, asking for aid in either fighting the corruption nearby or pushing back the mordok so that they can continue their work.

With the recent research hinting at a possible cure and mordok activity so heavy in the area, adventurers will travel to Onsallas outpost to either continue their work on the research or to coordinate warriors to fight and push the mordok back into the swamp until reinforcements arrive.

Post-Event Summary
The day began with the sounds of battle as the mordok immediately besieged the outpost of Onsallas and tested the defenses. The walls were damaged and the outer fence was destroyed. The mordok presence in the area continued until reinforcements arrived; Clan Stormjarl warriors and volunteers from the recent campaign in Clan Squallborn territory joined the fight and helped push the mordok back. The defenses were tended to immediately as a plan was devised on how to accomplish several different goals.

The group of defenders and adventurers split their priorities and focused on different areas; some focused on continuing the research of the corruption ritual puzzles, some went out to try to gather the supplies and tend to the defenses of the outpost and the nearby village, and a few gathered a group to try and fight the mordok. The constant fighting and attrition took its toll on the outpost but the defenders were able to manage their equipment and make enough repairs and tend to serious wounds to keep functioning. Research was going well and the defenses and supplies tasks were completed quickly, but the mordok threat continued to loom in the distance. Only one camp was found and the mordok killed or driven off and without a serious push it seemed unlikely that the outpost defenders would make a dent in the mordok of the area. A thought-to-be-impossible ritual was conducted and was successful; a young Daughter of Gaia was able to cure the first survivor of corruption. Whether this ritual is a realistic weapon against the corruption is currently unknown.

The second day the group decided to continue splitting their resources and accomplishing tasks. The final tasks for the defense and supplies were accomplished and then the tasks for combating the mordok were attempted. Hunters and scouting parties went out to hold key points and keep them secure as mordok roamed the swamp and struck at will. Groups searched for rare reagents and returned them to be studied. The Shepherd was sighted among the mordok again, furthering reinforcing the dire portent of the mixing of mordok and colonists that turned to their dark beliefs. A letter arrived from Clan Ironmound, stating that he would pledge warriors to come to Longfang territory and help. The small lifeline that Clan Stormjarl sent via boat seemed to be just enough to keep the defenses going and more reinforcements were on the way. As time was about to run out, the group decided to be bold and make an attempt on the next mordok camp which was in the nearby pineed forest. Roaring battle cries and signal horns resounded as the group attempted to attract the mordok back to their camp and win in a decisive victory. Mordok came at them in the thick of the pineed trees, and a slow and tedious battle took place. When another group joined the battle, the mordok disappeared… spooked and driven off but not defeated. The outpost, lacking defenders, was raided and almost overrun by the mordok but remained standing.

By the end of the second day, the outpost defenses were back up and supplies were flowing well and the corruption research was almost complete. However, the mordok threat in the area was not defeated or damaged enough to drive them back, but some progress in fighting them had begun. The mordok presence will remain in the area around Onsallas for a while yet, until enough forces are brought to bear to kill and drive off the mordok.

Click here for pictures from the event!

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