May 270

The brown of winter is now becoming a fragmented memory of the past as green begins to dominate the landscape of Mardrun. From tree, shrubs, and the now planted crops the world moves forward.


Reports from some river fishers from Clan Nightriver have some individuals questioning if there is another unknown type of creature on Mardrun. Sightings of a large hairy being off in the distance have been on the rise, as well as signs of its passing through the area. Among this evidence is large misshapen footprints, clumps of fur at odd heights, and simple tools scattered in nearby wooded areas. Some hunters have taken to try and capture the creature, however none have shown definitive proof or have yet to capture this elusive being. One hunter returns with a sketch he had put together based on what he claims to have seen, but is rebuked by skeptics that he meets and mocked by all for his blurry linework.


In Clan Goldenfield a mystery was solved that has bothered a local hamlet for some time. There were rumors of unusual spiritual activity around an abandoned old farm and its surrounding land. A small group of helpful teenagers decided to help get to the bottom of the disturbances, wanting to help put the spirit to rest. The tale goes that at first it was as if they were being watched, and then heard the rattling of chains and ghastly wails around them. Eventually they ran into a supposed wraith or specter that gave them chase throughout the property. After some sleuthing around the farm estate and buildings on the land, they eventually were able to set a trap and capture the ghoul. It turned out to be a local farmer who was trying to drive down the price of land by faking a haunting on the estate. It is thanks to this group of four teenagers and their faithful hound that they were able to help the small hamlet’s faux phantom. 


A flower festival goes into bloom in Davin’s Hold towards the end of the month. Common folk celebrate those who are better off at the coming of spring and the growth that will come in the coming year. The Council of Three make a speech of their plans to expand the ever growing settlement and add more housing, lumber mills, and even a possible quarry for stone based on some initial scouting missions. With the news of new work becoming available, along with news that the forces of Vandregon are growing and even accepting squires for those who swear loyalty to Davin’s Hold, the people celebrate long and joyfully as merchants come and go throughout the last weekend of the month. On the final day as the festivities begin to settle, many feel their purses heavier or lighter in one way or another as deals are made between those who play the game. The people of the settlement feel a strong sense of pride. A pride that comes from knowing that while they started with very little, they have gained so much by working together to make their little corner of Mardrun that much better.

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