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May 26th and 27th, 2018 – Food, Supplies, War


After the final front of winter melts and finally gives way to spring, the war effort in the dirge continues on. Mordok are turned back all across the “Shield” to the north; reports come in of constant skirmishes but no real attempt for mordok to break through. As long as war packs are kept in the field and supply lines keep arriving to support them, the buffer between active troop movements are allowing fortifications to be built. With the warmer weather comes a new challenge of an ease of movement for both patrolling warriors and mordok. The effort to maintain this line is working… but the hard fortifications and rotation of troops for rest are going to be needed soon.

Recent developments at Pack Dawnrock’s outpost have allowed allies to solidify some of the surrounding area, both with martial and logistical efforts, along with expanding on some of the knowledge base revolving around the corruption magic of the mordok. Rumor has it that some of the colonies to the south are looking to invest more time into researching this magic and tension has been growing with some of the ulven in the area, namely the appointed Warpack Leader.

To the southeast of Pack Dawnrock’s recently constructed outpost lies the Pack’s main settlement of Dawntop. Neighbors to Pack Silvercreek, Dawntop has long been a central hub of trade and warrior movements for decades. With active troop movements and new defensive fortifications to the north, Dawntop has become a safer place than it ever has been. These “hub” settlements are critical for the war effort and are seen as a “last stop” for supplies and warriors before being sent north to support war packs or deliver construction supplies to the new outposts. Martial tacticians quickly realize the critical supply lines that settlements like Dawntop are becoming and making sure that things are moving smoothly could heavily influence the war effort.

Dawntop has been tasked with organizing and delivering loads of supplies via wagon route to different parts of the front lines. Local ulven are pushing for supplies to go north to Pack Dawnrock’s outpost and continue to make it an impressive fortification. Clan Grimward and Clan Nightriver allies have expressed concern over too focused of a supply line and are urging a “shared” delivery of supplies to all areas of the front line. Further more, local farmers and hunters are hoping that focusing on and expanding on viable farmland could give Dawntop the ability to keep up with the high demand of food and supplies needed to keep the warriors in the fight against the mordok.

While the local Chieftain has noticed that the overall area is safer because of the war effort, the lines of logistics and coordination required to make sure the war effort is adequately supplied is a daunting task. The impact… for better or worse… of Dawntop’s ability to support Pack Dawnrock’s outpost to the north or potentially also supporting nearby allied war packs and units will depend on the coordination, effort, and accuracy of those assembled at the settlement.


Without the imminent threat of Mordok assault, the residents and visitors of Dawntop were able to breathe easier as they set about their day. Fires were built to hold swarms of insects at bay despite the oppressive heat and humidity of the day. Glasses clinked in taverns to rival the strikes of hammers on anvils, tending to spirits and equipment, respectively. As the day settled in, several residents took the initiative to organize expeditions to secure the area and support the war effort. Ultimately proving successful beyond expectations, these expeditions ran nearly constantly throughout the weekend, showing that not even nature can truly dampen the will of Mardrun and her inhabitants.

Not everything went smoothly, however: tensions remained between Audhilde Spiritclaw and warpack leader Sigurmond Shattered Spear. The former, seeking aid in her clan’s research into the corruption magic trapped within a young mage, continued to butt heads with the latter who felt that such dark magic was utter blasphemy and ought to be destroyed in its entirety rather than studied. Without their subject in attendance, however, the conflict remained subdued…for now.

Also adding fuel to the growing distrust around camp was the exposure of a number of criminals throughout the weekend. One pair was caught stealing and was set to be executed by Sigurmond himself once they were finally apprehended. Another pair, a father and daughter this time, seemed to be collecting investments for improving the wagons of the war effort to make the movement of supplies easier, though they were exposed as scam artists and forced to return the money they nearly made off with. Most troubling, however, was the revelation of theft from the warfront itself, through bureaucracy and confusing contracts. The plot sought to redirect the supplies destined for the Shield of Mardrun through various other settlements with several moving parts, hoping that some part of the shipments would be lost “in transit” and resold for a profit elsewhere. Through a collaborative effort by a number of the camp residents, the plot was revealed and the criminal apprehended, though no one is quite sure how deep this rabbit hole truly goes…



Click here for pictures from the event!

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