May 269

The world has finally thawed from the grips of spring and have started to enter the green of summer. With it, comes the waves of activity that erupt from the people who have been so tired of being cooped up.


With the murders in Newhope over the past few months and the body count now in the twenties, a man hunt is on the way to find the unknown killer. However, as soon as the murders had started they had just as suddenly stopped. Nobody has heard of an unusual death the entire month, and many begin to worry if the killer is waiting to strike again once they feel the opportunity is right.


Clan Nightriver and Clan Goldenfield begin a herculean task of creating a series of interlinking roads for their clans to create easier tradeways between and through their territories. Worker’s begin at the Pass and under armed guard as they surely but slowly proceed deeper into the lands. Other than some minor attempts by bandits from the mountains, the month goes by without a hitch in Nightriver territory. In Goldenfield the workers are able to work with less stress and with higher productivity as they begin from one of their preexisting roads and branching out to reach other villages and towns which are spots for potential trade hubs. 


Bandits activity is beginning with the release of the cold, threatening the trade routes. What is noted by multiple merchant guilds, companies, and organizations is the heavy presence of bandits in the Riverhead lands. Multiple companies and armed guards have either left the area with multiple arrows in their carts or themselves, or have been turned back due to the high activity. It seems that these ‘unclaimed’ lands are becoming a new frontier, and it is being controlled by bandits and thieves.


The pressure in the north along the Shield, specifically in Clan Whiteoak have had their numbers pressed over the past two months, with the aid of many volunteers and brave warriors they were able to repel the waves from the abyss known as the Dirge. However, those at the outposts continue to worry about what awaits them with the warmer weather and how they will handle the next wave. Reports indicate that they are starting to wear down and supplies are starting to wane from the last shipments. There is good news though, Clan Steinjottun and Clan Axehound are sending reinforcements along with wagons of supplies to help bring aid and reinforce the defensive line. 


The devastation of Clan Ironmound is slowly starting to reverse as volunteers and donations start to trickle in. Some groups are even sending groups to help with both supply dispersal and physical labor in helping rebuild. While it wasn’t as much as the prideful clan would have wanted, it is plain to see that Clan Ironmound is grateful for the help that they are receiving in their troubled time. However, there is still months of work ahead of recovering and rebuilding the villages along the affected mountains.

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