May 268

The land of Mardrun is finally getting sun and warmth after many months of snow and rain, and with that weather is an increase of activity all across her lands.


In the colonies, delegates and representatives leave in droves from the City-State of New Hope and Davan’s Hold. Their destinations are the many outlying settlements, and their mission to bring them together and solidify their colony’s respective lands. Many leave the Gates of New Hope and half as many leave the safety of the walls of Davan’s Hold in hopes of achieving this mission.


From New Aldoria the IDS Resilience sets sail and begins her service under Dutchess  Madeline d’Argent. A massive galley that can sport nearly 200 crew and plenty of room for transporting cargo or soldiers all over Mardrun. Many are very impressed and curious about what future plans await this wonderful ship and its crew.


To the North in Serai, we turn our attention again to the remnants of the Fist. A report from a Clan Shattered Spear outpost states that only five members came walking to them, with three others on a small wagon. Their armor and bodies were noted to have been in tatters and in ribbons, those alive barely able to stand. After they were fed and given medical treatment, it was discovered they were faced with a large and well trained mordok force. It seems those who are alive are only alive because they were able to just barely survive the onslaught of death and screams. They are now in the Clan Shattered Spear lands being treated and cared for maims, wounds, malnourishment, and trench foot.


Talks between the clans continue this month, nothing out of the ordinary except for an incident at a Clan Whiteoak and Axehound meeting. Two chieftains got into a fist fight over a past incident during the Ulven Civil War. Those there were able to break up the fight before it became too out of hand, and removed from the meeting sight. Both  parties then continued their discussions on the idea that Pack Redwind proposed last fall, both realizing the long road ahead of them if such an ideal is to come to be reality.


Banditry seems to be increasing further in the lands around Davan’s Hold and near the Pass. Many are curious how the Council of Six of the City-State of New Hope and the Council of Three in Davan’s Hold will respond as merchant guilds and companies are losing more and more money every day. Many are demanding a force be sent in to start removing and slaying the bandits in the area, and many are growing eager for the issue to be resolved sooner rather than later.

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