May 267

Bonfires rage next to funeral pyres as the Shield of Mardrun continues to meet with success on the western front. Clan Shattered Spear, with Pack Dawnrock at the vanguard, continue to steadily take territory from the Mordok as their allies push construction of outposts along the way. To the east, however, Clan Whiteoak continues to struggle to keep pace. Distracted by their ancient rivals to the south, the leadership of Clan Whiteoak has begun to call in favors from other clans, pleading with them to put an end to Axhound aggression. Most clans are slow to action on this request, seeing the issue as one outside their jurisdiction if they could even spare the resources to help. Most of Whiteoak’s support has come from letters bearing the names of Branthur Nightriver and Haygreth Grimward, each strongly wording their displeasure with Axhound.


Prince Aylin has announced recently that he has contracted several of the finest shipwrights in Aylin’s Reach to begin construction on a new vessel, to be named the I.A.S. Horizon. Though he has been accused of doing so simply for publicity’s sake, the Prince has claimed that this ship will be faster and better equipped to handle the waters in and around Mardrun than any vessel, human or ulven.


Newhope has seen a recent uptick in security. Guards at the main gate have nearly doubled, and patrols of Watch members can be felt around every other corner. Duchess Mary cul-Tricuspis has personally taken to overseeing the training of the new guards, while Duchess Madeline d’Argent has declared a number of recruitment drives seeking armed warriors to serve as escorts and security to merchant caravans. Is this a response to the Shield of Mardrun, or to some threat as of yet undisclosed by the leadership?


Early in the month, the forces recalled by the Order of Arnath’s Fist moved quickly to secure the keep from the inside out, denouncing the corruption inherent in the Order of the Light. They isolated the Hand of Arnath from the rest of the settlement and implemented a form of martial law. In response, the Order of the Light has accused the Order of the Fist of performing a coup of Starkhaven and have moved to cut off supplies, effectively besieging their brothers and sisters within their homes.

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