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May 266 – News and Rumors

In a joint effort between Clans Shattered Spear and Grimward, a handful of small outposts and watchtowers are constructed to the north along the edge of the Dirge Swamp. Fighting for every inch of land, these footholds are seen by many as far more than defensive structures: they are a symbol of Ulven strength and resilience when clans can band together. Even so, the outposts will prove to be a major boon to defensive efforts to the north, and instrumental in cutting off Mordok reinforcements to the south if they are properly manned.

These outposts will do nothing for Clan Riverhead, however. After months of fighting a losing battle, their lines have finally broken. Calling for a full retreat from their territory, the Clanleader and High Priestess have been searching for allies to offer them refuge until they can retake their lands. They expect many of their warriors to fall while protecting their civilians, but believe that this option will cause the fewest deaths and allow Clan Riverhead to live on in more than stories.

Clan Grimward has been creating a political commotion recently, fueled by the continued disappearances of their honor bound citizens from Nightriver territory. While Clan Nightriver claims to be looking into the matter, Clan Grimward remains unconvinced and is bringing the issue forward to force Nightriver’s hand. In an effort led by Wargah Grimward, a small warpack has been travelling from settlement to settlement across Mardrun, drumming up support for their investigation. Despite the pushback from Clan Nightriver and many of their allies, two members of the Council of Ten have come forth to offer what resources they can: Lictor Mary cul Tricuspis and Duke Joakim Ventrini.

This charge of incompetence has continued to stir the pot of unrest in Clan Nightriver, adding fuel to the ever-growing fire that is Holmar Bloodmoon and his supporters. Initially upset my Branthur’s handling of the treaty with Clan Grimward, they gained a massive surge of support when the Clanleader sold off a large portion of their territory to the colonists. Now it seems they have found yet another foothold from which to erode at Branthur’s authority. They still cling to their message as they spread their beliefs: Branthur was a great leader, but his time has come and gone. He is an honorable man, but is no longer suited to lead the clan.

On a brighter note, the celebration in Aylin’s Reach seemed to only strengthen the bond between the New Aldorians and Clan Stormjarl. Though raiders from Clan Squallborn kept the revelers on their toes and nature itself seemed to rebel against the celebration, the mood could not be dampened as the sound of games and tournaments split the air from dawn until dusk. Reports did filter through a number of settlements of strange dreams and anomalies with the mana stream early in the month, they stopped suddenly one Saturday night late in the month. Rumors have flown about the true nature of these reports, though very little information has trickled down to the rank and file of New Aldoria thus far.

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