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May 264 – News & Rumors

A large celebration was held in the colony of Newhope as Baron Richards is voted in as the single leader of the colony. Rumors spread like wildfire that seem to point at the Baron using a fair amount of resources securing allies within the colonies. Other candidates, such as Baroness Catherine who was close in the running, failed to acquire the political backing and settlement support needed to pull forward to win the vote. The colonists eagerly await the new direction of, the now properly titled, Lord Baron Richards.

Merchants on the road tell stories of a boisterous leader, a former Oarsmeet Pirate, rallying smaller groups and coordinating banditry out of Daven’s Reach. After Baroness Catherine was unable to retake her property and her hired Ulven warrior allies were repelled for several months, a clear message was given to all of those looking to oppose the colonies; join us in rebellion, take what you want to survive, and oppose those that would rule you. Drifters and unemployed mercenaries flock to the Reach in search of opportunity. This haven of banditry, if left unchecked, could become a major concern in the future.

Mordok activity near the DirgeSwamp spiked heavily this month, with merchants telling of larger and more organized raids by mordok. Rumors and fears spread at what the mordok are up to, as the change over the last two years in the mordok has been noticed by the northern most villages and the defending war packs of Clan Shattered Spear and Clan Whiteoak. Recent activity near Onsallas Village, the settlement of Pack Longfang, has caused even more rumors to soar as a strange ulven artifact was used by members of the Coalition to dig up something long buried in the swamp. News of this has reached many ears, and whispers abound about what it could be… and who might be interested in it.

After months of successful counter-raids against Grimward held positions in conquered Stormjarl territory, the warriors of Clan Stormjarl and their supporting allies have slowed their campaign down. There is now what appears to be a solid buffer between occupied Grimward territory and the Stormjarl defensive line now separates the two opposing clans. Wagons loaded with dried goods and materials were brought back to the Stormjarl settlement, denying Grimward access to them in the future. It is suspected that Clan Stormjarl will continue to strip its occupied territories of usable goods to deny them to their enemies.

After making several stops and acquiring some additional supplies, the caravan that left the colony has reportedly reached the Great Wolf’s Hackles. Traveling through the mountains, the caravan had reached the northern half of the Pass when they encountered the Vandregonian units in a skirmish with Grimward war packs. The caravan entered into a small skirmish with the Grimward warriors, focusing on defense and repelled the initial attack. The Newhope caravan was able to rally a defensive line and protect their wagons, but it is suspected that without additional troops it will be hard to make progress any further through the hackles. As the caravan established an area to make a semi-permanent camp, five war packs of Clan Nightriver and their supply wagons reached their position. Morale soars as almost 150 Nightriver warriors reach the defensive line in the Pass. Grimward war packs have retreated to the more defendable positions in the Pass, and it is unknown if they will attempt to hold out and delay the allied caravans moving through the Mountains.

A second caravan is being coordinated in Newhope, with mercenaries and Watch members leaving soon to the Pass. Two small mercenary companies of several dozen warriors and one unit of Colony Watch soldiers with a small supply wagon are departing soon to follow Baron Richard’s men and the Clan Nightriver war packs going through the Pass. Prince Aylin of New Aldoria is also pledging a unit of New Aldorian Footmen and has released a large stockpile of supplies to be used for the war effort. This caravan is due to leave for the pass in June.

Clan Ironmound has begun to mobilize war packs and move them to their western border in an attempt to prepare against the Grimward invasion. Several communities and settlements have begun erecting defensive walls and stockpiling supplies in their mountain storehouses. War packs on the northern edge of Ironmound territory collaborate with Clan Shattered Spear war packs, allowing for mutual defense and assistance to each other’s territories. Some of the members of the Coalition have pledged aid or begun to move their troops to the area, but some fear that if Grimward presses they could take advantage of the lack of a cohesive defense. Several war packs have already sent messages back stating that Grimward warriors have been seen moving towards outlying settlements in what appears to be a preparation for upcoming raids. Many fear that if Clan Nightriver and the Coalition fail to mobilize fast enough, Clan Ironmound may withdraw its allegiance.

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