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May 263 – News & Rumors

After April’s slowdown in the war, May has turned into a waiting game of helping refugees, reinforcing Stormjarl with supplies, and basically just a bit of breathing room as factions and clans focus on the upcoming summer growing season. Day to day life takes over again, but everyone keeps an eye on the horizon for what comes up next. Settlements see to their villages, colonies to their people, and trade and merchants continue to flow.

Reports from the frontline trickle in saying that Grimward continues to camp outside of the battle line between them and Stormjarl. The conquered settlements are ransacked entirely, giving Grimward riches, supplies, food, weapons, and shipbuilding materials.

More reports of Mordok activity in the great forest reach different clans, and a large tribe of Mordok moved towards Onsallas where a large skirmish broke out. Between the defenders of the village and some of their allies camped nearby, the attack is barely repelled. Dozens upon dozens of Mordok hit and run the combined forces and then disappear back into the swamp… their true purpose unknown.

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