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May 23-25th, 2014 – Onsallas Outpost Event

As news spreads about Clan Grimward’s invasion of Clan Stormjarl grinding to a halt, there is hope that the two clans may be able to come to terms or end the fighting soon. Through the sacrifice of courageous warriors and the help of allies and reinforcements, the final settlement of Clan Stormjarl was saved.

With winter finally over and life growing anew in Mardrun, the rest of the continent carries on with their day to day lives. Villages and settlements that dug in for the winter are now bustling with activity and growing crops and tending to their fields. The Ulven Civil War is still on everyone’s minds, but the more pressing matter of food and home repairs is the main focus.

Far to the North, the few remaining Pack Longfang warriors have come home with tales of battle and courage, of sacrifice and of loss. The village prepares to send new recruits and honor bound Ulven to the outpost to train and become the next batch of warriors to fill their ranks. Expansion of the training grounds around the outpost is planned, along with a memorial to the fallen warriors and those who did not survive the winter.

Meanwhile, reports from some nearby Clans continue to circulate around as Mordok activity South of Onsallas seems to be more organized than it ever has been before. What was thought of to be just a larger tribe of Mordok that moved to the Great Forests has turned out to be an organized group that has already massacred several war parties sent after it. Many Ulven are concerned at the change in Mordok behavior and what it could mean for the war against the Ulven’s racial enemy.

As the new recruits of Pack Longfang train and the defenses to the outpost are expanded with an outer wall, a mysterious figure has arrived out of the swamp, claiming to have lived there for many years. Word reaches the outpost that the Runeseer of Pack Longfang has passed away, leaving the Pack leaderless. Strange clues lead to something, making her passing seem out of place, and several members of the Pack and the Coalition band together to search for more clues. The Mordok in the area display a shift in their behavior as well, as they become more organized and aggressive. The Red Eyed Syndar made his appear again, leading the Mordok against the outpost. Sowing his seeds of corruption, several people became corrupted or began questioning things more than before, leading to some dealing with psychological trauma. In a stand off against the outpost, the Red Eyed Syndar performed a powerful ritual, corrupting the land near the Outpost. As the fight near the outpost died down, clues led to something being bured in the forests of the Pineed trees, and a race against time took place between the Coalition and the Red Eyed Syndar. Although the fight was brutal and many were injured and some killed, a mysterious artifact of Ulven origin was discovered buried in the woods.

Pictures from the event:

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