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May 2023 – A Voyage By Sail (Pre-Event Narrative)

As the month of May rolls in, exciting and amazing news sweeps through Mardrun. Prince Aylin declares that Aylin’s Reach will be sending a workforce to The Shield to build a port-outpost on the eastern side of the defensive line to help keep back Mordok forces. This move seems to follow the current motives and road that Prince Aylin has been following as of late by befriending the Ulven Clans. In this endeavor he has requested those of martial ability to help protect the outpost while it is being built as a collaborative effort and a way for one of the colonist groups to “do their part” for the good of all. Mercenaries, laborers, and supplies start to flow northward at this announcement due to the anticipation of the construction and posting security against the press of possible Mordok attacks. With Spring nearing its end, Mordok activity has been noted to be rising in the area, so those who venture to the Shield should expect combat once the construction commences.

The previous news is almost overshadowed by the Prince also asking for assistance with another adventurous voyage. This time it is with helping set up a settlement with docks to an island north of Clan Whiteoak and Clan Axehound. According to both Clans, their leaders had laid a claim to settle the island generations ago. Between the island being a bit remote and the conflict that forced both Clans to focus on more immediate territories, neither one has tried to settle it in earnest. While the island seems to be uninhabited, it could still be a dangerous journey being so close to the Outlands. These two Clans, their long standing rivalry now set aside, have agreed to venture out with Aldorian forces to explore and begin to settle this island.

As such, Prince Aylin is looking for explorers and scouts to help investigate and map-out the nearby areas of the large island, and some martial forces to help keep the area safe as workers set up the docks and outpost. The proximity of the new Aldorian Shield outpost and this proposed settlement could allow a navigable waterway for fresh timber and materials to help maintain or expand The Shield. In return, those assisting Prince Aylin’s ambition will have temporary free reign to harvest the raw materials in the area as payment for helping protect and map out the area before the settlement is finished. With such a payment promised, those willing to travel to an unknown region so near the Outlands for potentially rare materials and vast amounts of unknown reagents or materials, Aylin’s Reach begins to fill with volunteers seeking adventure or material payment. Ship manifests of names of those looking for payment or adventure begin to fill up. The first ships have already set sail with the laborers and construction crews that have set the foundation of this new island outpost, soon to follow being the volunteer adventurer.

UPDATE Will come after the event on 5/28 – 5/29

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