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May 2021 – Coastal Expedition Part 2

While most of Mardrun is abuzz with rumors and gossip about the seafaring voyage to the north, other topics circulate the taverns and marketplaces where people congregate. Most of it is small localized things, but some “ghost stories” have circulated around some mysterious happenings in Clan Ironmound. It appears that the addled ramblings of a few have found their way to many who ponder their true origins. By the end of the month, it is well known that a collaborative effort against the organized banditry in former Rivherhead territory is well underway.

Coastal Expedition: Part 2 of 3
After a long month of sailing and collecting reports from locals the expedition has finally located the mysterious Aldorian ship beached on a reef off the shore of a beach in the north, surrounded by other wrecked ships, mostly Ulven fishing vessels, but a few longships as well. From a distance there was no movement aboard the Aldorian ship, though a scout with a spyglass did note that many of their dinghies had been launched. A few rowboats were found in the area, though no one can be certain they came from the Aldorian vessel. A camp was quickly established on the beach and supply lines were developed to send ships back to Colonial lands to bring more expedition forces and supplies. These ships carried with them rumors of shipwrecks and tensions between some of the Newhope crew and the volunteer expedition teams. The air of lively hope within the colonial lands has gradually waned into a sense of nervous tension.

Back at the camp plans are quickly devised to send a crew of researchers to the beached ship to see if they can find any evidence of where the crew may have gone. At the same time a retinue of scouts will take a portion of the martial forces and travel inland in an attempt to pick up any trails that the Aldorian sailors may have left. The remaining logistical and martial supporters will stay at the camp and make sure things are primed and ready for the return of the expeditions and, with hope, the crew of the beached Aldorian Ship.

Lieutenant Commander Aeral Langsford of the Newhope Expeditionary force takes a moment to thank the volunteers who have joined the expedition with special thanks given to the Rangers of New Vandregon who have sent a very large contingent of support that dwarfs the rest of the organized supporters. This thanks is followed by one for The Ravens of Keys Crossing. An Aldorian sailor also seizes on this moment to chime in and give thanks to the Blades of Sol and the Phoenix of Fire Isle. Sharp ears would note a series of audible groans throughout the Newhope forces at the mention of The Phoenix. It seems their revelrous evening activities have started to wear on some of the more gruff sailors.

The Lieutenant clears her throat to retake control of the discussion and continues on her point. She explains that while the incredible logistic support has been very beneficial, there is a distinct lack of volunteers on the research teams. Lieutenant Langsford puts forth a request that any of the logistic volunteers who possess the appropriate skills to consider joining the research teams so that they may operate at a level approaching the well-oiled nature of the logistics team.

Throughout the month additional ships are chartered to bring more expedition forces to the North to aid in the tasks at hand.

Update: The time spent on the northern beaches is overall quiet. Camps are established on the shores and patrols of scouts and warriors march up and down the beach keeping an eye on things. Researchers row out to the beached Aldorian vessel while scouts and supporters head inland to try to pick up the trail of the sailors from aboard the vessel.

Bad news strikes from all directions. Not only is the ship abandoned, but the hull has been torn open, spilling the contents of the cargo hold to the floor of the bay. Scouts along the beach find evidence of a coming storm that may cause the expedition to have to return to Newhope sooner rather than later while also scattering any of the cargo from the ocean floor, to be lost to time. And then come the reports from the inland scouts. They were unable to find any sailors or pick up any guaranteed trails inland, but they did have a near miss encounter with the unknown beast that strikes fear into the hearts of mordok. Though they never laid eyes on it, the soul-chilling howls of the beast were more than enough to turn the break the party’s resolve and cause them to scramble back toward the safety of the beach.

In the end more questions come than answers and the clock starts ticking as the inevitable storm works its way toward the encampments.

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