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May 19th-21st – Keeping up with the Richards


Following his successful campaign against Clan Squallborn, Prince Aylin worked to solidify his new holdings into what is now known as Aylin’s Reach. New Aldoria (and their Clan Stormjarl allies) have been able to build a series of defensive outposts which keep organized attacks at bay, although it is impossible to stop small bands of raiders from slipping through to harass supply lines and travelers. With the recent “acquisitions” New Hope has gained in former Nightriver territory, the Prince feels it is best to improve his economic base within Aylin’s Reach far away from the influence of the fledgling city-state. To this effect, he has ordered that the villages and outposts left behind by Clan Squallborn in their retreat be re-activated. He is offering generous compensation to private individuals who wish to assist in this process or provide security for those who wish to do so. The small outpost of Sandmaw is one of the first on the list, and peoples from many backgrounds are flocking there to take advantage of the Prince’s offer.


Gathering at the recently operational Sandmaw Outpost in the territory of Aylin’s Reach, New Aldorian soldiers welcomed adventurers from across Mardrun to join them in their Mayfair celebrations. A number of tasks required the immediate attention of the outpost’s soldiers, including reinforcing the walls and patrolling for potential Squallborn raiders who had been seen in the area.

As the first day progressed, a number of casters inside the outpost noted strange occurrences when reaching into the mana stream. As they would meditate to regain the mana they had spent, a small portion would be siphoned off and pulled north. This led to a number of small ventures into the surrounding woods to hopefully triangulate the mana’s destination, though by the time a solid map was made, it was too late to investigate it fully.

The following day not even the poor weather could dampen the spirits of the celebrants as they participated in feats of strength, luck, and mind. As victors were named, they were awarded tokens to show their prowess. Though the weather kept the competitors from finishing the final two feats, there was enough gusto left in a few of the attendees to make a push north as the sun began to set, seeking out the strange anomaly in the mana stream siphoning mana away from casters. After a long trek through woods and marsh and led by visions of a stump in a clearing, the group finally found their destination: a small lantern-shaped object with an odd gem in place of a wick. The first adventurer to touch the lantern vanished in a flash of blue light, and the others quickly made their way – wet and weary – back to the outpost to rest for the night.

On the final day of the celebrations, research began in full on the lantern. Strange markings and an odd blend of arcane and divine magic seemed to emanate from within, although the true purpose was unable to be discovered. On a happier note, the champions from the previous day’s feats were asked to compete once again in the Feat of Feats where they used any skills at their disposal to endure a savage beating in the name of the celebration to be named the Lord and Lady of Spring. In the end, neither the Lord nor Lady of Spring had a blow struck against them through separate unconventional means. The celebrations drew to a close as the sun began to shine for the first time since the revelry had begun, and the adventurers spent the rest of the day recovering from their feats, enjoying the weather, and preparing for their journeys home.

Follow the link below to photos from the event


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