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May 18th and 19th 2019 – Dirge Swamp Expedition

Story Event Info

After intense and bloody fighting, the threat of the undead has been cleared from the forest after it was confirmed that this area was attracting all of them to it. Why is still unknown, but hunters have reported seeing no additional hungry ghosts after the combined forces helping the expedition moved to put them down for good. What was discovered at this location was an ancient Syndar device, called a “Pylon”, that had apparently been damaged and had been influencing the mana in the area. Records kept near the Pylon indicated that it was once part of a vast network and that in it’s prime it would have been connected to neighboring pylons. With the undead laid to rest and the odd nature of the mana stream fully researched before the Pylon was destroyed, Arragones’ scholars were able to reference the new notes and logs, as well as some of the magical readings taken in April, and triangulate the location of this “neighbor pylon.” Following on revelations uncovered by the researchers and adventurers during their expedition into the Great Forest, Celestial Arragones’ scholars have located another area of interest.

Upon arrival the scholars were unable to find any traces of the ancient Syndar artifact. Much to their surprise; however, they found a small locked chest that contained another series of notes and ciphers that pointed to another ancient Syndar Cache of some sort. Unfortunately the location indicated stood deep within the western reaches of the Dirge Swamp. Examining the location noted in these texts coincides with the estimated location of the Scholar’s previous divination ritual; whatever is out in the Swamp in that area is connected.

Arragones’ and her scholars have again asked for volunteers to help on this Dirge Swamp Expedition. Duchess Madeline d’Argent has stepped forth and pledged resources to assist this expedition with a full security detail, support wagons, and scouting forces to help navigate this area of the swamp. With the lack of mordok forces, presumably due to heavy losses during the war throughout the winter, this could be a narrow window to get into the swamp, setup camp, and secure more knowledge. However, the remote location of this forward camp being setup means that should the Expedition run into danger, their will be no reinforcements coming to aid them… they are on their own.

Event Summary

Upon arrival the first day the scholar and her team informed th expedition that the cache found in the swamp required a reclament scholar to open. It was made known that a reclament had sent word to Celestial Aragones as Rialvis. It was said he would make contact and produce the reclament tool as proof of his claim. Many of the assembled group had headed out to the cache location to inspect it and the surrounding area. It was at this time the the Red Eyed Syndar made himself known to the group and introduced himself as Rialvis the reclament scholar. He was promised safety and brought back to the camp to discuss his terms for aid.

While in the camp it was made known that he knew what was in the cache and that he requested a small piece of the contents for himself with no questions being asked to know what it is. This was agreed upon by the scholar. Rialvis the red eyes spent time talking to the camp members and offering to trade knowledge if they had something of value. He had offered one question for free and another the Celestial’s scholar traded her magic for. As night fell a group was gathered and included the red eyed syndar. They got to the cache and were able to open it and the red eyes retrieved his portion. Before much else could be done a blood curdling scream was heard that caused even the mordok to show fear. The mordok and the red eyes fled and the party made a hasty retreat back to the outpost with the cache. Once opened and examined it turned out the cache, known as the luna cache, had only a few notes, a key, and talked of a final research cache. This second cache, referred to as the sol cache, must be found before sundown the next day or its contents would be permanently destroyed. It was determined more important to get camp defenses set up and deal with the rest of the cache the next morning.

At the break of day the camp came together to fully examine the Luna cache. It contained a puzzle key as well as notes speaking on a number of three more keys needed to unlock the sol cache. The luna cache also contained the location of the first key which was contained in a research teams private cache. A party was assembled and found the first cache which lead to the second which in turn lead to the third. After all three were found all of their notes were assembled and the location for the sol cache was determined. A party was assembled and went out in search of the cache but they were beset upon by mordok. The party searched for what must have seemed hours but to no avail. The party returned to the camp with barely enough time to pack up and reach the boat.


From the libraries of the illustrious Celestial Arragones,

Her Grace, Celestial Arragones as well as ourselves, her illustrious scholars, were quite saddened to hear of the loss of the second cache that was mentioned in the notes of the Luna cache. That being said we were all fortunate enough that the Reclament scholar was knowledgeable in many of the areas in which questions were raised. Rialvis’ notes were sent to us and compiled with some of the information we already possessed.

To the question of the origins of the swamp; it has been reasoned that it was created as an incidental byproduct of the experiments of the ancient Syndar that had come to Mardrun. We know that these experiments and subsequent calamity had much to do with the nature of divinity, however; the information we had gathered lacked specificity towards the exact nature of the aforementioned experiments. More knowledge in this area may be able to be uncovered with further investigation.

Regarding the cause of the Siphoning which has long plagued our people; much has been learned on the nature of mana and this new knowledge has been able to be correlated with the notes sent from the Reclament scholar, Rialvis. Mana has been shown to be able to be destroyed and warped beyond use and recognition. This has been noted to be caused by those casters who have unlocked a practical and working knowledge of both the divine and arcane schools of magic. Known as “Witch Magic,” this ability seems to be antithetical to the continued stability of the mana stream.

To the question of what exists north of the Dirge Swamp in the area known as The Outlands; the Reclament Scholar has reported that he has been north of the Dirge and has witnessed what is contained in the strange northern lands. He wrote of a lost colony of Syndar that have had a calamity worse than that of the worst punishments doled out by and to our people. A second group that was mentioned in his notes was that of an Ulven clan which he referred to with a previously unknown name of Clan Stonetooth. Lastly he made mention of a city of the Mordok which he referred to as Amor’dacca. He says that this city only for the “chosen Mordok” and that they are “called north.”

The information gained on this expedition was an astounding triumph however it is greatly unfortunate to think that some of this information may have been expanded on further if only the notes of the Sol cache had been uncovered.

Compiled by the scholars of the esteemed Celestial Arragones.

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