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May 18-29th, 2013 – Onsallas Outpost Event

As word reached Onsallas Outpost that the Longfang warriors and their allies were dying of disease in the mountain pass, a call was sent out for help. With the spring, many reagents used for healing would be in full bloom and could be harvested. If refined into healing reagents, these could be sent quickly down to the mountain pass to aid the warriors there.

A small garrison of Vandregon soldiers helped with the outposts defenses as several groups, such as the Phoenix Syndar, and adventurers patrolled the nearby swamp and looked for reagents. Pineed sap, fae leaves, and moonflowers were all picked and gathered to help the war effort. The quartermaster of Pack Longfang’s outpost coordinated these reagents and gathered hunters to volunteer to send the reagents to the pass. With so much pineed sap harvested and refined, the warriors in the pass could be saved if the hunters could carry it to them quickly.

The Daughters of Gaia and Witches in the Onsallas Village sent ominous reports of some sort of disturbance in the nearby area of the swamp. Fearing another corruption idol was nearby, a group was sent out to find this location. After several Daughters used their magic to divine its location, a mordok camp with a powerful idol was discovered. Unable to destroy the idol by themselves, request from the Village was answered and a complex and potent cleaning ritual was handed over to the group in the outpost. After being deciphered, preparations were made to begin cleansing the site and making the necessary reagents to finish the cleansing during the following day.

Mordok continued to roam the area in small packs, picking at small groups or fleeing into the swamp. Several groups going out to find reagents and interact with a strange black skinned syndar were ambushed with hit and run tactics. Along with the known corruption idol, a strange syndar journal was discovered and the exact identity of the black skinned syndar is still unknown.

The following day, a large group of adventurers moved into the swamp and protected the final steps of the cleansing ritual. The idol’s powerful influence was dispelled, but there was some heated discussion whether the idol should then be destroyed or taken back and studied. It was decided that the idol would be taken back to the outpost and researched.

Click here for pictures of the event!

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