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Martin De Paixetdoucer

PLAYED BY: Gabriel Hellerud

CHARACTER NAME: Martin De Paixetdoucer or Brother Martin of Arnath’s Gentle Path


CLASS: Cleric

AGE: 24

RACE: Human

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Brown

OCCUPATION: Brother and scholar in The Order of Arnath’s Light

KNOWN SKILLS: Divine Magic, Resources in Divine, Arcane, Ritual, Lore Ritual, awkward pauses, tripping over nothing, baking cookies


APPEARANCE: Small, Brown, and un-assuming

NOTABLE TRAITS: Tends to wear a pair of very large spectacles.

RELATIONSHIPS: very dear friends with Brother Dom

RUMORS: Martin would be the last to know!


Praise Arnath! May His goodness and light guide my hand as I write these words because, honestly, I’m not sure how to start this journal. If I am writing about the Glory of Arnath or translating his manuscripts, then the pen flows quite easily. To write about myself is quite a monumental task!

I suppose I should start at the beginning of my life. Unlike many I was blessed with little memory of my homeland, Faedrun. I was only a toddler when we had left. My parents had been members of The Order of Arnath and as such, had been able to secure passage to the New World for myself and my siblings. I am very fortunate in this respect because some of my siblings are old enough to recall the horrors of that cursed land and I am glad to not have memory of the terrible things they witnessed.

Most of my earliest memories are all of Starkhaven, the building of the keep, and my little family. I learned of the brilliance of Arnath while sitting on my mother’s knee and my father would take me out into the town and point out the “little works” of Arnath. A person sharing their coin with the less fortunate, a child standing up to bullies, a woman giving out food at the market to those who couldn’t afford it were all blessings to be observed and lessons to be learned. “See Arnath’s path in all the good that you find,” My father would say, “For His is the path of righteousness, goodness, and kindness,”

Naturally I was also taught about His blazing justice. I recall seeing the Lions, the Griffins, and the Eagles all in their shining armor and scarlet robes. How could one not love them? How could one not be filled with hope? How could your heart not be set aflame with love for Arnath and His chosen defenders?

Forgive me, see how easy it is for me to be carried away when I think of Him? Anyhow, when I reached an age of slightly higher reasoning, I believe it was around the age of six, I asked my parents to allow me to join the order. Naturally, they were thrilled to give one of their many children to The Order of Arnath. I was a fitting gift to the god who had guided them from the blood-stained land of the dead, to the new, green world we all lived comfortably in. Of course, our parting was painful, but it was a sacrifice that both my parents and I happily made.

Upon entering into the arms of The Order of Arnath however, I learned it would be a challenge to find my place. I quickly discovered that combat was not exactly my strongest skill. I nearly killed the bow instructor, the shields were too cumbersome for my frame, I tripped far too often to be remotely successful in stealthier approaches, and without my spectacles I couldn’t even scout very well. After a few years of attempted combat training, I was shuffled off to become a scribe and it was there I found my love of books.

I learned quickly that there is nothing quite as enjoyable as the smell of parchment, the gentle rustle of turning pages, the feeling of ancient scrolls. The moment I stepped into the library I knew that was where I was meant to be. I fell under the wing of a kindly older sister while I was there. It was clear she had been delivered to me by Arnath because in her tender care my love of Our God and His knowledge only bloomed. My love and devotion for Arnath manifested itself the gift of divine magic when I was somewhat older, and it wasn’t long after that I became an official Sister in The Order.

Now for the most part, I spend my days happily pouring over dusty tomes, scouring ancient manuscripts, and squinting at crumbling scrolls. Each day is filled with His Light as I search for a way to bring about an end to the corruption magic and hunt for hidden knowledge of the undead. I really couldn’t be more over joyed. Arnath has blessed me with a wonderful path, a righteous purpose, and a holy family.

Live in His light!

Brother Martin of Arnath’s Gentle Path

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