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Mardrun Map & Geography

Mardrun Map & Geography

Click here for a larger .GIF file of the map of Mardrun (Circa 272)

*Note: Only the larger settlements and places of note are on this map, along with all of the established settlements of the player run factions.

Land Size
Mardrun is a continent much smaller than Faedrun. It is roughly 15,000 square miles of land (roughly the size and shape of the real world country of Moldova, or a bit larger than the square miles of the US state of Maryland) with only about 11,000 square miles being used by the native population. The remaining 4,000 square miles of land on the Northern half of the continent include the Dirge Swamp and the Outlands, areas that have not confirmed to have been explored yet. A small number of islands dot the continent.
*NOTE: We will continue to update this page as we expand on the geography of the continent, when the lore heralds have time to build upon it. Thanks for your patience!

The climate of Mardrun is similar to the Midwest (specifically Wisconsin), where there is a definite winter season from December until February, a spring from March to May, a summer from June to August, and an autumn from September to November. The southern tip of Mardrun has a drastic climate change where snow falls much lighter than other places of the country. The small island south of the continent has a dip in temperature in the winter season but rarely sees heavy snow. The area near the Dirge Swamp and farther north receives more snow than most of the continent. For being a small size, the shift in climate as you travel south and south is rather uncommon, but not incredibly drastic.

Wildlife & Plants
Typical wildlife exists on Mardrun similar to what we would find in real-world Wisconsin. Except for a handful of unique plants (simulated with our in-game reagents) you can expect the same similar vegetation. This animal and plant life is referenced and named the same as we do in real life; a wolf in Mardrun is the same as a wolf in Wisconsin, a chicken in a Colony settlement the same as a chicken in real-world farm.

Geographical Features of Note
Great Wolf’s Hackles
This massive mountain range effectively cuts the continent of Mardrun in two. A large river flows from the mountain range to the ocean to the south west and then water flows north east off the mountain into the large lake in the center of the Great Forest. This mountain range is very dangerous to cross if you choose to go over, but the most common route over the mountain is a long mountain pass simply called “The Pass”. This pass ranges in width from several miles to several dozen feet depending on where you are in the pass, making it a very important route for transportation through the mountains.

Yurnai River
The Yurnai River is the largest river in all of Mardrun. Spanning several hundred feet on most of its width, the river flows from the southern tip of the Great Wolf’s Hackles Mountains and flows south to the ocean. A number of bridges normally dot the river allowing transportation between Clan Grimward and Clan Nightriver territory, but they were destroyed during the Ulven Civil War and have yet to be rebuilt.

Dirge Swamp (Also known simply as “The Dirge”)
This massive swamp is home to the largest concentration of mordok in all of Mardrun. It is also a host of many dangerous plants, animals, and swampy wetlands that make it very difficult to farm or create any kind of settlements on. Most Ulven have not even attempted to venture very far into the Dirge, with stories and sagas written about those who have tried and never returned. In more recent years expedition have pierced into the heart of The Dirge, but they are almost always plagued by intense levels of casualties.

The Shield of Mardun
The Shield of Mardrun is a series of spaced outposts along the southern side of The Dirge Swamp. There is no great wall built in this area, instead it is a series of manned outposts that are able to quickly field warriors to cut off any Mordok forces looking to move south. Since the construction of these outposts, the number of Mordok able to squeeze past and invade the south has drastically fallen.

The Outlands
Little is known about the Outlands. No reports of Ulven ever visiting the Outlands has been found. A large mountain range encircles the Outlands, making it almost impossible to explore. Human and Ulven ships have sailed around it and only a few have touched its beaches, but to date no real attempt has been made to travel deeper into the Outlands. Sagas and rumors say the land is cursed and forsaken by Gaia and others comment that they find it strange that the Mordok are so plentiful in the swamp and perhaps are tied to the Outlands in some way. Update: We have now learned of a group of Syndar that have been living in the Outlands longer than anyone has known. In addition there are whispers of a Mordok city as well as the Lost Ulven Clan, Stonetooth

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